OC Matchmakers | Old-School Dating Moves Women Must Nix

istock_000050520096_smallIt’s 2020, and as OC matchmakers, we would like to think that we no longer date via old-fashioned dating moves. Unfortunately, we know that’s not true. Sometimes, people realize that they’re slipping into those old-school dating habits. Are you one of them?

We’ve heard so many things about how to get a guy to ask us out on a date, how to behave on a first date, and how to make him commit that it can be tough to stop thinking about those things. Trust us, we work with single women in Orange County every day, women who share their dating woes with us on the daily.

Sure, dating in 2020 will be very modern. After all, we all still text and follow each other on social media. But there are many old-school dating moves that many women still do today. Don’t carry old-school dating moves with you into the new year. Once you recognize them, you can stop doing them. In turn, you can enjoy a more successful dating life.

Old-School Dating Moves Women Must Nix in 2020

Today, our OC matchmakers are going to reveal old-school dating moves women should stop following in 2020.

  1. Wearing too much make up.

If we want to wear a lot of makeup, then we should do it. However, we shouldn’t believe that we must wear makeup in order to impress a guy on date. This is true whether he’s our crush or we just started talking exclusively. Trust us, this in an old-school dating move that you should stop today.

When we stop wearing so much makeup, you might even hear guys tell you that they like the way you look naturally.  That’s something that many guys like today. We don’t have to give up our makeup if we love rocking it. But we don’t have to pile it on in order to impress a guy.

  1. Dropping hints and getting mad when he doesn’t know what you mean.

Picture this: Your boyfriend comes home from work and looks upset but doesn’t say anything about what’s going on. You keep trying to ask him what happened and what’s wrong, but to no avail. Then he says that you should know why he’s feeling mad and can’t believe that you can’t read his mind.

This would be very weird, right? So why do you expect him to read your mind? No one in the world can read minds. It’s totally an old-school dating move to drop subtle hints about what we’re mad about but not explaining how we’re feeling.

In 2020, make a vow not to keep your feelings and emotions hidden from a guy. Your partner will appreciate your honesty and openness. After all, how can he know what’s going on inside unless you let him know?

  1. Not sharing your feelings in case he thinks it’s too much to handle.

Have you ever been sad or upset and then looked at your boyfriend and thought you shouldn’t say anything? Were you scared it would be too much? This is something that many women think on a regular basis. We don’t want him to be burdened by us. Furthermore, we don’t want to make him talk about feelings.

Ah, yes, this is another old-school dating move you should stop doing now. He loves you and won’t think that you’re too much for sharing your feelings with him. He wants to help you out, just as you want to help him out when he’s upset. After all, it would be strange if you were only able to talk to your bestie or mom instead of going to him. That’s the point in a relationship, right. You want to be able to be open and honest about your feelings and thoughts. Otherwise, you’re not with the right guy.

Are you guilty of any of these three old-school dating habits? If so, our OC matchmakers encourage you to make some changes in the new year. Nix these outdated moves and watch your romantic life change for the better.

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