Irvine Matchmakers | Signs You’ll Be Dumped Over the Holidays

Depressed woman portrait during christmas holiday at home

It’s “Turkey Drop” season. It’s the time when everyone is coming back home from school or are going to visit their parents for the holidays with their partner. Our Irvine matchmakers know it’s usually a wonderful time of year. But not for everyone.

Fortunately, though, this dreadful thing isn’t something that happens to everyone. But strangely, many people break up during this otherwise cheerful time of the year. The weeks leading up to the Christmas are known for being a time when people break up. Holiday chaos and stress can bring out the worst in some people.

Does something feel off in your relationship? Getting the feeling that he’s getting ready to break up with you?

Warning Signs the Holidays Will Bring a Breakup Your Way

Today our Irvine matchmakers are going to reveal the top warning signs he’s going to dump this holiday season.

  1. You’ve never met his family.

Even though you’ve been dating for months, he never mentions taking you to meet his family. Now that Christmas is coming, this should be even more pressing. If he’s never mentioned taking you home to meet his family, that’s not good news for you. He’s likely going to dump you before he has to invite you to his family dinner. If he doesn’t see a future with you, he’s going to save himself all that awkwardness of introducing you to his family this holiday season.

  1. He’s mysterious around the holiday season.

Where will he be over Christmas? Is he going to see his family? Oh, what’s that? Yikes, he hasn’t told you anything about his plans. And he hasn’t asked what you’re up to for the holidays? We hate to break it to you, but this is a bad sign. It shows that he’s not focused on sharing the future with you or letting you into his life. He has no intentions on getting serious with you if he’s not interested in spending the holidays with you.

  1. He says he’s not a family guy.

Oh, whatever. You might laugh at this when he tells you how much he hates going to family dinners, but why is he telling you this now? Is it to prepare you for why you’re not invited to his family’s Christmas dinner? Shady, right? Furthermore, a guy who says he’s not into family is saying he’s not looking for anything serious with you.

  1. He’s not interested in the holidays.

You’re suggesting fun mini breaks and snuggling up in front of the TV watching Christmas movies, while he’s smirking at all your ideas. Does he tell you the holidays aren’t his thing? Does he let you know he’s not the romantic type? Unfortunately, he’s telling you not to get your hopes up. In other words, he’s not going to be around much longer.

  1. He’s not into intimacy anymore.

You guys used to be so passionate and intimate, but lately he’s not interested. He might say he’s too busy or too tired to pop over after work these days. But our Irvine matchmakers urge you not to buy this lie. A dramatic change in sex shows that something is not right in your relationship. You need to get to the bottom of it.

  1. He’s forgetting things.

Now that the holidays are here, he’s forgetting things. He forgets that he’s supposed to pick you up for dinner, he forgets that it’s your one-year anniversary in a few days, he forgets that he was supposed to call you after work. Ugh. Is he really stressed and bogged down by the holiday chaos or is he just pulling away? If he’s been rather distant lately, then his memory is fine. What’s not fine is how he feels about the you and the relationship these days.

  1. He’s moody.

He hates everything. He hates the holidays and wants you to know about it. If he’s losing his temper a lot more lately or seems irritated all the time, it could be that he’s unhappy with the you and the relationship. This one is especially true if he’s only moody and irritable around you.

This is supposed to be a magical time of year. But you’re not feeling like it’s so magical this time around. You’re worried your guy is pulling away. If you notice a handful of these warning signs from our Irvine matchmakers, beware. A breakup could be coming your way. Ugh, what a lousy Christmas gift.

If your boyfriend broke up with you this holiday season, don’t let it keep you down in the new year. Our Irvine matchmakers can introduce you to quality men who are looking for a meaningful relationship. Let us help you meet your Prince Charming, the man you spend the rest of your life with!

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