Dating in Orange County | Signs He’s Going to Ghost You Soon

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Mature dating in Orange County is fun and exciting but also nerve-wracking.

When we first get into a relationship, most of us tend to have high hopes that it will last and become something meaningful. Something long-lasting, right?  Your new love affair may even start off extremely well, seeming almost too good to be true. Sadly, these sorts of things sometimes are too good to be true. And that’s when it happens, the guy ends up ghosting you.

Top Warning Signs He’s Going to Ghost You

Today, our Irvine matchmakers are going to show you the top signs he’s about to ghost you. Worry no more, you’ll get your answer to this new guy’s intentions.

  1. He doesn’t share personal information with you.

Typically, when you start dating someone new, the both of you share important things about each other. You have to share personal information in order to get to know each other better. Otherwise, how would you honestly be able to tell if you are compatible for each other?

If it seems like you are the only one sharing information about yourself while he remains a complete mystery, don’t overlook it. Take that as an early warning that he might ghost you anytime soon.

When someone is serious about you, they tend to share everything about themselves. They are open to talking about their interests and sharing personal information with you.

2 He ditches you early on.

In most relationships, the guy doesn’t start bailing on your plans until you have been together for a while. If he bails on you for a good reason, that’s okay. If he just wanted to hang out with the guys and go out drinking instead of showing up to the date with you, that’s totally not okay.

The beginning of a relationship is when things are usually the best. In other words, if he has the habit of bailing on you all the time, take this as an early sign that he could potentially ghost you.

  1. He acts distant when you’re together.

Have you ever been in the same room with someone but felt like you were alone? It’s not a pleasant feeling, right? When you are with a guy and he always seems distant or distracted, that is a sign that he isn’t ready for a relationship.

Usually, it means his mind is elsewhere and preoccupied when he should be focusing his attention on you. If you notice that he is not fully present when you’re together, he may not even be interested in dating you. This is a warning sign that he may be getting ready to ghost you soon.

  1. He’s always on his phone but takes a long time to get back to you.

If he always seems to be on his phone when you’re spending time together, that could be a huge red flag. If, despite this, he never seems to get back to you on time, it could also mean that he is getting ready to ghost you.

In other words, he clearly sees that you are texting/calling him, but he just doesn’t care to get back to you. After all, how could he not know if he’s always glued to his phone? He does know, he just doesn’t care.

** Ladies, beware! There is also a good chance that you’re not the only woman in his life.

  1. He’s all about being intimate.

Most women are already leery of a guy being after one thing. We all know men are known for disappearing after getting what they want – not all men but lots of them. If your new guy only seems to be interested in getting you between the sheets, don’t be so quick to give it up. Otherwise, you can guarantee he’s going to take what he can get and leave.

If you’ve already given it up, examine his behaviors. If you’ve noticed he’s not as interested in hanging out anymore, he’s already lost interest in you. If the only time he calls is when he wants to come over and get you in the bedroom, he’s not worth your time anyways.

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