Orange County Dating Service | 3 Secrets to Keep Him Hooked


Relationships are hard work, both when you’re in one and when you’re searching for one. As the leading Orange County dating service, we know that the easy access social media allows has made dating more challenging.

We get crushes, we fall in love, we get swept off our feet, and once that happens, we worry about how we are going to keep that person from slipping away from us. Sounds like a difficult task, right? It really isn’t if you know what men are looking for.

And who better to loop you in than our Orange County matchmakers with over 30 years in the business of love? We have some expert tips that will keep him hooked on you.

Top 3 Secrets to Keep Him Hooked

Get ready as our expert matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service reveal the top secrets to keep him interested.

  1. Don’t be too available.

We are sure you have heard this dating tip before, but men to be the ones doing the chasing. And since they hunt for what they want, this brings us to the first tip. Ladies, you must be unavailable from time to time – sounds silly, right? We know, but it works like magic.

We are not telling you to ignore him or play games with him. Instead, you want to make him understand that you have a life outside of the relationship and that you have many things on your schedule. Whether you’re in a relationship with him already or are just starting to date, not always being available will show him that you have an active life and don’t need him. If your life is fun and interesting, it will keep him interested in you.

  1. Give him plenty of space.

Men need their space, and it is one of those things that they often keep to themselves to avoid a fight in the relationship. Giving him plenty of space and respecting his alone time will do wonders.

Often, the scenario is as follows: you’re seeing a guy when suddenly, his interest seems to have diminished. His texts are not the same, and you are not hanging out as much anymore. Immediately, we think negatively and assume he isn’t interested anymore. In reality, he probably just needs some space.

Do not panic, ladies. If you do, it will only make him run the other way. Instead, respect his time alone and focus on doing something on your own.

  1. Don’t try to prove your worth.

No man wants to date a woman who constantly brags about herself. Even if you’re higher up on the career ladder than him, do not bring it up. Chances are, he knows that already and you don’t want to rub it on his face.  He is in love with you for who you are, not for your bank account.

Even if you have vast general knowledge, do not remind him how you always beat him in board games and what not. If he is with you, it is because he knows your worth, and constantly reminding him of what he has will end up pushing him away. If a man is with you, it is because he fell in love with your heart, so keep that mind.

Ladies, we know that finding a good man isn’t easy in the Orange County dating scene. That’s why when you find one, you need to keep him hooked. Use these three expert tips from our matchmakers and don’t let your great catch slip away.

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