Single Women in Irvine | 6 Signs He Wants to Keep It Casual

Woman on date with man having drink

Single women in Irvine, don’t fall into that trap! What trap, you ask? The trap of falling for a guy who isn’t ready for a serious relationship. Don’t waste your time with someone who is only going to waste your time.

Reading guys can be extremely hard. As women, we tend to be more expressive when it comes to our emotions. We’re not afraid to let our partners know how we are feeling – at least not most of the time. But men are often more reserved; thus, it is hard to read them.

It’s especially hard when a couple first begins dating and are just starting to get to know each other. It can be difficult to understand what the other wants from the relationship. To help you out, our Orange County matchmakers are going to show you simple ways to know that he’s only after something casual. That’s right, he’s not serious about dating you.

  1. He still has his dating apps open.

Run for the hills if your new boyfriend still has his Tinder account active. Sure, maybe he claims he just hasn’t gotten around to deleting it. But considering how much time he spends on his phone, he likely knows the app is active and doesn’t want to close it. Look out, ladies, he’s keeping his options open.

  1. He parties all the time.

It’s obviously normal to go out and have fun with your friends even when you are in a committed relationship. But if your man isn’t being transparent about his party nights, it could mean he is hiding something from you. Perhaps he’s constantly making plans with his friends on the weekend yet doesn’t mention it’s a house party – somewhere where lots of girls are going to be in attendance.

  1. His friends tell you things.

The friends of your love interest should be doing all they can to paint a good picture of him. After all, he’s their friend, so why wouldn’t they want to help him out? Thus, you should take it as a hug red flag if his friends are saying questionable things about him. It really doesn’t get any clearer than this. His friends have probably seen him crush a lot of women and don’t want to see you end up as one of them. Heed their warning.

  1. He doesn’t want to take pictures with you.

Considering that we live in a social media world, it’s normal to expect your partner to want to take pictures with you. So if your new boyfriend feels weird about taking pictures with you and runs away when you want to snap a photo together, then it could be a red flag that he doesn’t want to be seen with you. After all, how would that fare for him if you posted a picture of the two of you online?

  1. All his friends are players.

This is one of those things you must keep an eye out for. They say that we surround ourselves with people we’re similar to or we want to be like. With that being said, it’s not always a good sign if your new boyfriend’s friends are all players. Watch out for how they all interact witch each other when you come around. If his friends are constantly bragging about how many women they’ve dated, then they’re probably all players.

  1. He doesn’t post anything about you online.

Another clear giveaway that your man is only looking to keep things casual is if he refrains from posting anything about you online. He doesn’t even interact with you . This means that not only has he resisted taking pictures with you, but that he doesn’t want anything to do with you online.

Granted, everyone’s social media habits are different. Maybe he’s just not very active on social media. However, if he is always posting, commenting, and interacting with everyone else, you need to take the blinders off.

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