Matchmakers in Orange County | 5 Habits of a Great Girlfriend

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As professional matchmakers in Orange County with over 30 years in the business of love, we know relationships like the back of our hands. There is nothing we love more than bringing happy couples together – and that’s what we’re here to help you figure out today.

When two people begin to date, they’re head over heels for each other. However, as time passes, they start to open up to each other more. Therefore, their true personalities come out. While this is usually a great thing, sometimes it’s a period for relationship red flags. Many people don’t realize this and overlook certain things that should be given a closer look. Unfortunately, this leads to being in a relationship with a partner who’s not so great down the road. However, sometimes men overlook the signs of a great girlfriend too. Therefore, they end up passing up a great relationship.

To save you the frustration and heartbreak later on, we want to be sure you’re aware what to look for in the beginning. These things will signify that you’re making the right choice and have found a wonderful girlfriend. Today, the best matchmakers in Orange County are going to show you the top things a great girlfriend does in a relationship.

  1. She is there for him.

Everyone deserves a partner who is willing to listen to them when they are feeling down and out. Some guys might find it hard to share their feelings and emotions and need a great girlfriend to encourage him to do so. When he’s ready to talk about them, a great girlfriend will be there to lend an ear. She doesn’t even have to say anything at all. Sometimes, the best thing a person can do is to simply listen to their partner.

Does your girlfriend make you feel safe and secure to share your feelings? Do you always feel free of judgement with her? Then she’s a great girlfriend for you.

  1. She isn’t afraid to be goofy.

Okay, everyone knows that people can be weird when they are in a relationship. While it might take a while for a girl to reveal her weird side in a relationship, she will eventually open up and let him see the real version of her. By opening herself up to this possibility of criticism, she’s letting him see the real her. If your girlfriend can be goofy, silly, and weird with you, then you have a special connection.

  1. She makes him feel loved.

We’re sure you’ve heard the saying “Actions speak louder than words,” right? Well, it’s true. A great girlfriend will make her feelings known by simply being around her boyfriend. Encouraging him, giving him compliments, and showering him with love. It’s not very hard for a girl in love to show it, especially if she’s familiar with her boyfriend’s love language.

Whichever way he feels appreciated and loved, she will show him love that way. If your girlfriend knows the way to your heart and always makes you feel valued, loved, and appreciated, you know you have yourself a keeper.

  1. She shares what’s on her mind.

To all the girls in the world who are reading this blog: Men aren’t mind readers! A woman who pouts and shows she’s upset does nothing to help him figure out what’s really going on. If she’s upset about something, she needs to tell him right away. If she’s happy about something, she needs to do the same.

Does your girlfriend always speak her mind and let you in on her emotions? Does she refrain from game-playing? If so, she’s mature and knows how to handle a serious relationship.

  1. She wants to meet his friends.

Guys love to hang out with their best friends. After all, it’s all they do before they get in a relationship. He’s not going to want to leave them behind because he found a girlfriend. The best girlfriends know this and make an effort to get to know his friends and get along with them. She even organizes get togethers and nights out with the entire crew so her boyfriend can enjoy time with the guys and her at the same time.

How many of these great girlfriend signs do you notice in your girlfriend? We hope you found a keeper. If you notice these traits and behaviors, we’re sending a big congrats to you.

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