Costa Mesa Matchmakers | 5 Common Lies Women Tell Men

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Our Costa Mesa matchmakers know women lie to men just like they do to women, and it’s not always in a malicious way. Sometimes it’s just white little lies. They’re the kind of things that they assume won’t do any damage to the relationship.

There are times in a relationship or even marriage when it’s best to say a little white lie. It’s a crazy notion, but bear with us on this one and we will explain why. Countless studies have shown that a little white lie can actually make your relationship stronger while the brutal truth can destroy it.

Some women will lie in order to protect their partner’s feelings and emotions, and those white little lies are okay.

Today, our Costa Mesa matchmakers are going to the reveal the most common lies women tell.

  1. She lies about her age.

You might that this would have taken place before the relationship started, but that’s not always the case. Some men have found out that their girlfriend has been lying to them about their age for a while. It usually happens if a woman thinks that she might be too young to date him – or perhaps the opposite, too old for him.

  1. She just wants some peace and quiet time – alone.

Some women lie because they need to get away and don’t want to get their boyfriend mad at them. Most women will lie to their partner about going to yoga class every Friday when, in reality, they just want to spend time alone. Maybe they just go to the park and read a book, or perhaps they take a relaxing bubble bath at home with a nice glass of wine.

  1. She lies about flirting with other men.

Well, the cat is out of the bag now and everyone knows that women do flirt with other men. One common lie that women tell their boyfriend is that they don’t flirt when they do. Flirting for most people is when you engage with the opposite sex in a way that is more than friendly. When women flirt it’s usually harmless more like a confidence boost. But whether that will be okay with your boyfriend is another story.

  1. She loves cuddling.

Not all women are into cuddling. This is especially true if you are one of those women that overheat at night and needs her own space. Sometimes all that body heat is just too much to handle. Some women pretend to love cuddling when, in reality, they hate it.

  1. She lies on social media.

She’s telling her man she’s in the perfect relationship, along with the rest of the world via Instagram. Whether it’s true or not is another story entirely. You might notice as you are scrolling through your feed that there are so many relationships around you, making you feel the need to compete with them.

Sometimes a little white lie here and there won’t hurt the relationship. But watch out for telling big lies because those can and will destroy your relationship.

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