Anaheim Matchmakers | 5 Toxic Habits That Hurt Relationships

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There isn’t a rule book out there when it comes to how to have a successful relationship. Our Anaheim matchmakers know it’s all about what you feel is right for your relationship and how you and your partner handle situations that you’re expose to.

Gestures and habits that once were sweet may become toxic for the relationship, and you may not even realize it.

5 Toxic Habits That Will Destroy Your Relationship

Today, our Anaheim matchmakers are going to reveal the most toxic habits you can have in your relationship. Avoid these habits and safeguard your love.

  1. Telling white lies to save face.

The worst and most insidious lies are the ones we tell ourselves in order to keep things functioning.

When it comes to relationships, we can end up lying to ourselves that we’re happy in our relationship, that we need to leave our relationship, or anything else.

We do this to serve our own ideas of what our lives should be instead of facing the reality of what our lives really are. Once we stop being honest with ourselves, being honest with our boyfriend/girlfriend is that much more difficult. What does that mean? Well, it pretty much means that the relationship will soon be over.

  1. Taking the other person for granted.

The last thing we ever want to do in our relationship is take our partner for granted. Weirdly enough, taking people for granted is something a lot of people do today. People drop people and break their hearts like nothing, and then they are surprised when they realize how emotionally numb they are.

A relationship can only take so much of this before it comes to an end. That being said, we need to always make sure we’re actively contributing to the relationship and putting as much effort into it as our partner. You need to constantly show appreciation for your partner if you want your relationship to work. Be grateful and never take each other for granted.

  1. Not admitting others are attractive.

We’re often treated like we don’t appreciate the relationship if we admit that we think someone else is attractive. This is actually something toxic.

First off, we are all humans and have eyes, and sometimes our eyes like what we see. But that doesn’t mean we are going to start dating that person.

Secondly, if your partner gets angry or jealous because of this, that’s a whole other can of worms showing how toxic the relationship really is. Lastly, not acknowledging when we find someone attractive outside of the relationship actually robs you of the opportunity to learn more about yourself.

  1. Not acknowledging that both people have flaws.

We’re often told by society that we should idealize our partner, waving their flaws away like they’re nothing.

However, not facing the fact that your partner has flaws is very toxic because it puts people on a pedestal. While it’s great to think so highly of your partner, it can go sideways. What happens when they fall off that pedestal and you realize you created them out to be something more? Resentment sets in.

It’s hard to really internalize, but people we love do have flaws and will make mistakes. The important thing here is that we understand that. That alone will go a long way for saving your relationship.

  1. Only acknowledging their flaws.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is only acknowledging your partner’s flaws. Everyone has flaws, including you. Ease up and stop being so quick to point them out. No one wants to walk in the door from a long day at work only to be greeted by a negative comment. If you’re constantly telling your partner what to do, what not to do, and everything they do wrong, you’re going to push them away quicker than you “over.”

As Anaheim matchmakers, we want nothing more than to help couples stay in love forever. The only way you can maintain a strong and healthy relationship is to nurture it. We hope you and your partner don’t engage in these toxic relationship habits. If you do recognize any of these habits, it’s time to cut them out and safeguard your love.

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