Mature Women in Orange County | Signs You’re Tired of Dating

Sad senior womanIt’s possible that back in the day, a husband and children were part of our vision for the future. But if the years keep passing by and you’ve been unhappy with your search for love, it’s possible that the single life could be a better option for you. Not so fast! We’re not saying forever, just for the time-being. And don’t fret, you’re not alone. Many mature women in Orange County are in the same dating predicament as you. But as the best matchmakers in Orange County, we’ve helped thousands of those women turn it all around.

Are you ready to hear how? Do you want to enjoy the single life while you search for your Mr. Right?

6 Signs You’re Tired of Dating

If you’re thinking about taking a dating break, here a few signs it may not be the worst idea. Sometimes, we just need to take a little dating breather to regroup and come back at it stronger. Many mature women in Orange County have found a little dating detox to be the answer to their dating woes. And our professional matchmakers think you might too.

  1. Dates are horrible.

You have a huge anxiety attack beforehand, hate every second of the actual getting to know each other stage, and never end up talking to the guy after the date. You’re starting to resent the entire dating process. In a way, you’re actually self-sabotaging your romantic life. You’re only going out to meet these guys to say that you tried. If you’re not feeling the whole dating thing right now, maybe it’s just better to stay single for a while.

And we mean this in the most loving and productive of ways. You might have gotten to the point that you’ve become pessimistic, which makes it hard to enjoy a date. Take a little dating break, even if it’s just two weeks. Once you’re not feeling so worn out and stressed from all the bad past dates, then you can come back to dating. Then, you can enjoy dating again.

  1. You feel pressure from your parents.

The only reason you’re even actively looking for love is based on pressure from your parents. They won’t stay quiet about weddings and babies even though they seem like far-off illusions for you. Remember, your parents are looking out for your best interest, but they’ve lived their lives and made their own choices. The choice to find love is totally up to you. If you’re only dating to keep your parents off your back, it’s time to take a break. Enjoy a few weeks, or even months, to yourself. Enjoy hanging out with friends, pursue your favorite hobbies and interests, and do everything that brings you joy. Once you feel satisfied in your personal life, then you’ll feel happy and excited to pursue dating once again.

  1. You are losing attraction to everyone.

You may have a few celebrity crushes. Ah, but when it comes to dating in the real world, you just don’t really click or have any interest in dating anyone. It’s almost like you’re just tired of interacting with people or know that, despite how great the person may seem, they still have a fair amount of flaws that will come out later on. You’ve become skeptical in your dating life and are wary of every man you go out with.

  1. You’ve been single and living a good live.

You’ve been so independent that you don’t need anyone else to pick up the slack. In fact, introducing someone else to your family life must just make things more chaotic. You have your routine every day and your own patterns, and you just don’t know if you can adjust to anyone else’s schedule.

  1. Your schedule is crazy.

You actually have a lot of hobbies, interests, and social gatherings, so even squeezing time for dates seems to be impossible for you. You’ve never had any issues with staying busy and don’t feel the need to drop any of your hobbies or interests for a guy. If your schedule is too busy and you don’t want to rearrange and make time for dating, at least you know you’re not ready to make adjustments in your life right now.

  1. Your career is more important to you.

Yes, it’s possible to balance both, but you’re a lot more career-focused right now and feel like your job will be something that sticks with you for years to come. It’s also in an industry that’d make having a partner a little difficult. You’ve already put so much time into it, and it makes you extremely happy. If that’s the case, keep pursuing your dreams.

So whether you want to find love and are just feeling frustrated or you just don’t have no interest in dating right now, take a break. No one can make that decision for you but you. Don’t let pressure from friends or family make you feel like you have to date. That’s when dating becomes a chore. We want you to take a dating break and get a breath of fresh air. When you’re ready to date again, you’ll know it. You’ll feel excited about meeting new people.

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