Mission Viejo Matchmakers | 5 Signs He’s Not the One for You

Sad couple having conflict and relationship problems

We totally get that he’s not a mind reader, but he should at least grasp some concept of how to be a good boyfriend. As Mission Viejo matchmakers, we know it takes two people to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

Is your guy struggling in the relationship department? Are you questioning whether he’s a good partner for you?

Not all guys you date and get into a relationship with are going to end up being right for you. In fact, some of them won’t make good boyfriends for any woman – at least not until they mature and make some changes in life.

5 Surefire Signs He’s Not the One for You

Today, our Mission Viejo matchmakers here at Orange County Singles are going to show you the top signs he’s not the right guy for you.

  1. He doesn’t listen to you.

You’re having a bad at work and really need someone to talk to. Your boyfriend has no clue, even though anyone in the world can clearly see that you’ve been crying your eyes out. If you have to ask him to listen to your problems, there’s a problem in the relationship. It’s even more of a red flag if he says he’s listening to you, but you can tell he clearly isn’t paying any attention.

If your guy isn’t in tune with you, it’s time to question why? Is he just not good at picking up on cues? Is he too selfish to care?

  1. He doesn’t like when you spend time with your friends.

If he’s jealous of your male and female friends and you feel like you have to ask him permission to spend time with them, that’s a huge red flag. He shouldn’t be so controlling in the relationship. A guy who truly loves you in a healthy way will want you to have a life outside of the relationship.

It’s understandable that he isn’t going to be fond of you spending one-on-one time with a certain guy, but if he’s jealous of everyone, that’s a red flag.

  1. He doesn’t support you.

When you’re going through a difficult time in life, you want your boyfriend to step up to the plate and support you. He should give you emotional support. And that support should come without having to ask for it. He should know that you need him by your side, through whatever comes your way. It should even apply to the good times too. He should be your number one cheerleader during special occasions, and your confidante and go-to during the rough times too.

  1. He doesn’t like you to spend time alone.

You can never make a relationship work in a good way if you don’t get time to do your own things. That can cause you to become too dependent in the relationship and cause the relationship to be your whole world. Yup, red flag alert! You should feel comfortable enough to have some evening or weekend to yourself. That means time to yourself without him getting upset and blowing up your phone to find out what you’re doing. Besides, he should also want to have some alone time to do the things he loves. This is time you can each spend with your own friends, as well.

  1. He doesn’t get along with your friends.

He doesn’t have to get along with all your friends, but he should make some effort to be nice to them. If he’s creating a hostile environment in your circle of friends, this guy doesn’t deserve you. When your boyfriend loves you, he’ll care about and respect the people in your life.

If your guy is always talking about your friends and creating havoc in your social circle, it’s time to re-evaluate this relationship. This is only going to spell trouble and drama for you.

If after reading this dating blog you realize your guy displays some of these signs, it’s time you rethink things. Is he really the right one for you? Don’t waste your time with the wrong guy. There are plenty of quality single men in Orange County who are fit to date and compatible with you.

If you’re ready to meet relationship-minded men in OC in a private way, contact our Mission Viejo matchmakers today. We’ll take over the hard part of dating and help you find true love!

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