Orange County Singles | 4 Worst 1st Date Blunders to Avoid

Not a great date

Are you one of the many Orange County singles who’s been unlucky in love? Are you struggling in the modern dating scene? Feeling stumped as to what’s going on and where you’re going wrong? 

Many men go on first dates with women that, unfortunately, don’t lead to second ones. And it’s these same men that are always left wondering what in the world went wrong:

“The entire date was great, why doesn’t she want a second date?”

While they might think that everything went great, they probably did something that made their date lose interest.

You see, contrary to popular belief, a woman doesn’t just run away when she isn’t feeling a guy.

So, just because she stayed during the date, doesn’t mean she had a good time. If you’ve had a string of unsuccessful first dates, this dating blog is for you.

Today, our professional matchmakers here at Orange County Singles are going to reveal the biggest first date blunders guys make.

  1. He doesn’t commit to plans.

One of the most nerve-wracking points of starting a relationship is doing the planning. Not only are you attempting to plan a good date, but you’re also learning how the other person reacts to the planning itself. Some people love to plan for dates, while others don’t like it.

A man should at least make the effort to show some enthusiasm for the first date to show that he’s willing and eager to see his date. If you’re a guy who hates planning dates – and you don’t bother to hide it – this could be why you’re losing appeal to your dates.

  1. He treats the staff poorly.

A quick way to see a picture of a guy’s true colors is to evaluate the way he treats the restaurant staff.

Watching how a man treats other people gives your date a good indication of the way you’ll eventually treat her. Your interaction with the restaurant staff can have the power to make or break the first date.

One extremely important interaction women truly pay attention to is the way a man treats people at the restaurant. If you’re rude to the bartender or server, complaining about the service, or snapping your fingers and barking orders, that’s a huge deal breaker.

  1. He ghosts after the date.

Ghosting happens when a guy completely stops talking to his date without giving her an explanation. Ghosting hurts and can really leave a woman feeling confused and angry, leaving her with countless questions. She might begin to wonder if she was the cause of his ghosting.

A guy’s reasons for ghosting can vary, but always keep in mind that your ghosting is cowardly. There’s never a good reason for ghosting. Even if you don’t intentionally ghost a woman, perhaps you didn’t want to come on too strong or too soon, she may misread your lack of interaction. If you have a good time with a woman, make sure you text or call her to thank her for going out with you. Let her know you had a wonderful time and see if she felt the same. This is the perfect opportunity to mention going on a second date – preferably something you know she’s interested in – like the new sushi restaurant she mentioned wanting to check out.

  1. He makes bad jokes.

A good sense of humor is a very important quality in a happy relationship, but one important component of humor is finding someone who likes the same things as you.

If you notice your date not laughing at your jokes, then you may have different senses of humor. Are you saying things that are making her feel uncomfortable? Or worse, things that she finds offensive? If you’re striking out with your jokes, it’s time to switch up your approach. You might have to nix the humor to prevent any further damage. Keep things very lighthearted until you really get to know her.

So how many of these first date blunders are you guilty of? Study up and avoid making the same mistakes on your next big date.

To the ladies reading this dating blog, are you sick of dead-end first dates? Want to go out with fun guys who just get you?

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