Mature Dating in Orange County | Top 5 Signs He’s Not for You

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Trust is the cornerstone for a happy and successful relationship. Of course, if you’ve been mature dating in Orange County, you know that finding someone you can trust is no easy feat.

Having the assurance that your partner will never do anything behind your back gives you peace of mind that you are with the right person, that you are in the right relationship.

However, from time to time, a person may start to show signs that they aren’t being fully honest.

You may start to feel crazy, wondering if you are reading too much into everything. Doubting your suspicions often comes a result of liking someone and not wanting to see the bad in them.

However, there is something about your “gut feeling” that often ends up being right.

Top 5 Signs He’s Not for You

If you’ve been questioning the sincerity with your guy, read on. Today our Orange County matchmakers are going to show you the top signs you can’t trust him.

  1. He’s super protective of his phone.

It may sound cliché, but your phone can act as the third person in your relationship. You phone can actually cause many problems between you and your partner.

If your new guy never seems to be open and honest about his phone related business, you may want to put this situation on speed dial. If he seems skittish about letting you near his phone, he very well may be talking to someone else. Why else would he get so funny when even glance at it?

  1. He’s reluctant to post.

For better or for worse, social media plays a huge role in our relationships today. Honestly, it can be potentially problematic within a relationship. There can be an insane amount of imaginary pressure to post about your life as a new couple, and you have to figure out what to share with the public.

Of course, it’s awesome to decide what a healthy amount of social media sharing is good for the two of you. But if your guy seems to be hesitant to post anything on social media regarding the relationship, he may not feel as seriously about things as you do. This is especially true if he is a social media butterfly that normally shares everything about his life. And if that’s the case, it’s time to take the blinders off to the fact that he’s potentially keeping his options open.

  1. He struggles to compromise.

Let’s be real, when there seems to be more emphasis on one person within the relationship, it may be on the road to nowhere.

If your partner struggles to allow you the room to talk and contribute to the relationship, then he absolutely isn’t worth your time. Being open and honest with your partner and explain to him how important it is to make sure the relationship is 50/50. Let him know it’s important for both of you to properly compromise to ensure equality in the relationship. After all, give and take is vital for the success of your relationship.

  1. He can’t keep up.

Everyone’s life is super hectic in today’s modern world and age of constant contact. With that being said, feeling like we hardly have a moment’s peace is the normal today. In relationships, though, building a life together and sharing your lives with each other is essential for keeping it alive. If your partner tells you he’s having trouble keeping up with the ‘goings on’ in your life, this is the perfect opportunity to take a step back and assess your relationship.

Take a moment to ask your boyfriend what makes him feel like he’s lagging behind. Talking to him will work wonders but if he doesn’t change his ways, dump him.

If he’s legitimately working hard every day, picking up overtime, taking care of a sick family member, or just being stretched thin in life in general, then you should be understanding of this and offer to help how and when you can. However, if he’s just wasting his time watching TV on the couch and going out with friends all the time, then there’s no reason for him to not make time for you.

  1. He gets super defensive with everyday questions.

Well, this is a major red flag that he’s up to something. If you ask him normal everyday questions and he get super defense, step back and ask yourself why. What type of questions does he get jumpy and offensive over? How do you ask the questions? If you’re sincerely asking questions in a conversational tone, then why is he so quick to drum up his defense? However, if you’re asking him in an accusatory tone, then you have to understand why he’s so defensive with you all the time.

It’s not easy to find someone you can trust, especially not in today’s dating scene. When your gut is telling you something’s up, don’t brush those feelings aside. Your intuition is telling you something that your brain hasn’t picked up on just yet.

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