Mission Viejo Matchmakers | 3 Signs He’s Not the One for You

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Like it or not, our Mission Viejo matchmakers know social media is not going anywhere. Though it started out as a fun way for friends to talk to each other, it’s now a huge part of the way we do business, romance, and of course, how we interact with each other every day.

Social media has allowed us to connect with people far away from us, helped us get back in touch with old friends, and given us the chance to build platforms from which we can start putting life goals into action.

But we can also use social networks like Facebook and Instagram to find out more about the people in our lives. When it comes to dating, in particular, social media can give us some major answers.

Today, our Mission Viejo matchmakers are going to show you signs he’s not the one, and all by his activity online.

  1. His profile picture is too revealing.

A guy’s profile picture can tell you a lot about him. Not only does it reveal information about who he is as a person, but also how he’s using his social media accounts. And if he’s revealing a lot of skin, it could mean that he’s trying to pick up women.

Of course, it’s not guaranteed that he’s looking for a date online if all his profile pictures are taken at the beach or in the mirror gym. But it is a possibility to keep in mind.

  1. He narrates his whole life story.

More and more people are becoming full-time narrators on their social media accounts. Photos were once used to document important events, but because they’re accessible to just about everyone in the world, we no longer have to be picky about what we capture. This has led to people posting anything they want. From what they had for lunch to what they got at the mall.

And if he is one of those guys, it could mean that he’s bored and lacking future goals in life. It could also mean that he is addicted to social medial platforms. Anyone who has this much time on their hands to document their every activity of daily life doesn’t have much else going on.

  1. His statuses are always negative.

In many ways, social media is like a journal we use to vent when we are down and out. The main difference is, though, this journal is open for the world to see. Looking at his statuses may be an effective way to find out more about him and to decide if the two of you are compatible with each other.

And if he uses his status to complain all the time, he may not be worth your time. Who wants to end up with a guy who is always complaining? If he’s always criticizing other people or situations, he could be the type of guy who feels the need to always be right. You don’t deserve to be stuck with a guy who believes life isn’t fair and that nothing ever goes his way. You want someone positive and uplifting, not someone who’s draining to your life.

If you’re currently debating whether he’s worth your time or just a waste, look at his social media pages and see what you can find out. If you notice one or two of these signs, our Mission Viejo matchmakers encourage you to save yourself the time and move on from this unworthy guy.

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