OC Matchmakers | 5 Signs He Wants to Be More Than Friends


Relationships can be complicated before they even start. Sometimes, we’re into someone and unsure how they feel about us. Our OC matchmakers know this is especially awkward between friends. One person is agonizing over whether or not the other person likes them back. In some rare cases, both parties are actively anxious because they both have mutual feelings for each other but are unsure how to bring it up.

Why agonize over whether a potential partner feels the same way about you when there are signs that can tell you what you want to know? Don’t fret another day!

Today, our OC matchmakers here at Orange County Singles are going to show you signs he wants to be more than friends.

  1. He casually starts a conversation with you.

When a guy wants to be more than friends, he’ll do whatever he can to talk to you. If you’re telling your friends about your new workout routine, suddenly he’s commenting and getting himself into the conversation too. Yes, even if he doesn’t know much about yoga.

It might seem strange at first, but if you step back for a second to consider why he seems to always get in your conversations or tries to strike one up with you, it’ll soon make sense. That’s right, he wants to talk and bond with you because he has feelings for you.

  1. He’s suddenly everywhere you go.

A guy is low-key into you when he’s suddenly bumping into you everywhere you go. He’s crushing hard, so of course he wants to spend more time with you. This also means he knows where some of your favorite spots are and he’s likely to show up there.

Yes, it can seem a little weird at first, but he’s not trying to be weird! He really just wants an opportunity to talk to you.

  1. He comments to and likes your pictures.

Nothing says “I really like you – definitely more than friends“ quite like commenting and liking all your pictures. Not only is he trying to check out everything you post on Instagram, but he’s also taking time to “Like” or comment on everything you do.

Casual friends might check out your most recent activity and like and comment once in a while. But when he’s putting extra time to ensure he likes and comments on all your pictures, he’s looking to be more than friends.

  1. He can’t help but to ramble.

When he’s crushing, he’s trying to interact with you as much as he can, which includes talking it up as often as possible. But what happens when the normal topics of conversation run dry? Well, he might start to ramble a little bit. This is self-sabotaging behavior here, but he’s so nervous that he just doesn’t see it.

Try to go easy on him. He just wants to talk to you. He’s so desperate to spend more time with you that he’s getting nervous and losing himself. He’s really just trying to spare you both from the awkward silences by filling the void with anything that comes to mind. When this happens, smile and take control of the conversation. Help him out and ease his fears and nervousness by engaging in conversation.

  1. He doesn’t bring up other women around you.

It’s totally normal for guys to talk about women they’re dating or ones they find attractive. It’s just what men do when they get together. Have you ever noticed him joining in on conversation with his buddies? Have you ever heard him mention going on other dates? If you’ve never heard him talk about other women, he’s making sure you know he’s not interested. He wants you to know that he only has eyes for you. That’s right, rest assured that you’re the one he’s waiting for!

So tell us, how many of these signs do you see in this guy? Do you think he’s into you? These signs will tell you everything you need to know about how to proceed.

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