Irvine Matchmakers | What Men Notice about Your Apartment

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When you go over to a guy’s place for the first time, you probably check out everything around the house. Are we right? Well, our Irvine matchmakers are here to let you in on a little secret… Guys do the same!

That’s right, your new love interest is judging you just like you would be judging him. But how so?

Want to know what he notices when he’s over at your place?

From your living room to bathroom, and everything in between, our Irvine matchmakers will reveal the top things men are noticing about your place.

  1. Your Sofa

We know, right? This is the first thing men will notice about your place. A couch says a lot about someone. Is it clearly old, did you take it from your partner’s place when you split? Is it brand new? Does it look like it’s comfortable? Better yet, does he think it’s comfortable? You can tell if a guy is high-maintenance based on the sofa he has, and the same rule applies to you. Be sure that your sofa is nice and comfy, not too frilly and uninviting.

  1. The Pictures

But not just for the reasons you think. He isn’t just looking at the pictures you have around. He is looking at your style. Are they in frames or just tacked up on the wall? Are you into art, as in real art? Do you just grab anything that catches your eye at Marshall’s? Pictures can say a lot about a person. Beyond the wall art, are all your pictures organized in a nice album?

  1. Your Dishes

Not the dishes themselves, per se, but more like whether or not they’re clean – whether or not you’re clean. Are they sitting on the counter collecting mold and fruit flies? Are they clean and neatly put away? This is a quick way for a guy to judge a girl. Be sure you have clean dishes and that they’re all put away as opposed to stockpiled in the dishwasher or on the counter.

  1. Your Pets

Are you a cat person? A dog person? Do you have a more exotic pet like a snake? Are your pets well taken care of? Is there food and water down readily available to them? Do they greet you and seem friendly? How do you interact with them?

  1. Your Bed

According to guys, if a girl has a bed with lots of frilly pillows – one that’s perfectly made – she may be high-maintenance. This isn’t always the case, but that’s what some guys think. Besides your bedding, he’s judging whether you are clean and structured. No matter what type of guy he is, and what type of girl he’s looking for, you always want to ensure your bed is clean and fresh.

  1. Your Ex’s Stuff

Most noteworthy here, if you have pictures of your ex or other types of belongings around your place, he will think that you’re not over him. Nothing will scare a guy faster than seeing that you still have things from your ex.

  1. Just You

More importantly, he’s noticing you. You know, you might be surprised what men won’t notice if he’s really into you. You can have a messy house and he probably won’t notice a thing if he’s really into you. This doesn’t mean you should present yourself and your place as sloppy and unkempt, but if your dishes aren’t unloaded from the dishwasher, you might not have to sweat it so bad.

If you’re thinking about having your new love interest over to your place, remember to think about what he’ll be judging you on.

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