Irvine Matchmakers | 5 Things Never to Compromise for Love

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When you first get into a relationship with a new guy, it can feel like it’s so much so fast. It’s going to be quite a thrill, and you’re going to be on a romantic high with each other. You could be so drunk on your love for each other that you might be turning a blind eye to certain things that could be detrimental to your life.

As Irvine matchmakers with over 30 years in the Orange County dating industry, we’ve helped thousands of singles fall in love and cultivate healthy relationships. We’re here to help you too. So how do you ensure your relationship is starting off on the right foot?

First thing’s first. There are so many relationships out there that have substantial cracks and holes that need to be fixed before things get real. And it’s important that these issues are recognized and addressed right away because they will be hard to solve later on.

You don’t want to be investing yourself in a relationship where you feel violated by your partner. You don’t want to be latching yourself on to someone who is going to force you to compromise on many things that you should never give up in the name of love. Sure, sure, you already know these things, right?

However, often times, a relationship can force you to bend because of blind love. That’s why you need know where to draw the line. As a woman, you always need to stand your ground despite how deeply in love you are with your new boyfriend. If you want to create a happy and healthy relationship that lasts, then you can’t compromise on certain areas of your life or resentment will creep in.

Today, our Irvine matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service are going to show you the five things you should never compromise for your relationship.


  1. Open Communication

Honesty. Never compromise honesty in your relationship. Always demand full truthfulness and transparency from your boyfriend. You should never be made to feel like you are being kept in the dark in your relationship. The lines of communication must be open and honest so you can build a foundation of trust.

  1. Safety & Security

You are always entitled to safety and security in your relationship. You should never have to put up with being in a relationship that makes you feel like you could be facing dangers. Your partner should never be compromising your sense of security and safety.

  1. Personal Goals

Your romantic relationship should never get in the way of your own dreams and goals. You are entitled to pursue your biggest goals and dreams in life even if you have a boyfriend. It might be more difficult to have your attention divided between your romantic life and professional life, but you should never give up on your goals because of your relationship.

  1. Romantic Standards

In any kind of relationship, there are always going to be a set of romantic standards and expectations. You never want to wind up with someone who is taking you for granted all the time. Set your expectations for the relationship early on so that your partner is aware and can maintain them. This has to be an open and honest discussion for the success of the relationship. Once you both know what is expected, you can both work towards cultivating the loving relationship you each desire.

  1. Social Life Outside of the Relationship

Just because you get into a relationship doesn’t mean that you should have to give up all your friends. You should always maintain relationships with your friends and family members. And your partner needs to respect the fact that you have to devote time to those people. This is a two-way street, so you must be understanding that they need to do the same.

So many relationships fail because expectations aren’t set early on and one person compromises too much for the sake of love. There are boundaries that need to respected and compromises to avoid if you want your relationship to be a success. Don’t let regret and resentment creep in because you gave up too much because you were blinded by love.

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