Orange County Matchmakers Reveal Tips for a Fourth Date

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If you have been dating in Orange County for a while you already know a thing or two about dating. If that’s the case then you already know that by the time you get to the fourth date that’s when all the good things start to happen. By the time you get into the fourth date, the two of you are already getting used to each other. You’re both comfortable dating each other and clearly enjoy each other’s company. You are not exclusive yet but you are almost there.

The two of you have a good and solid connection. You have managed to get through the first three hard dates. You got to know them very well by know and things are heading in the right direction. If you’ve have played your cards right everything seems to going right. So you might think you know what to do on your next date right? Well, maybe not. Our Orange County matchmakers know that fourth dates are very important. Why? Because they decide everything.

It’s during this critical fourth date that everything can take a turn. Hopefully a turn for a relationship.

If you are dating to be exclusive then you need to follow our Orange County matchmakers helpful tips and put them to use on your fourth date. This will help you hit a home run and start a meaningful relationship with them.

Expert Tips For Fourth Dates


Now, if you want to develop a meaningful relationship with them, follow this simple fourth date tips and watch your dating life go from single to taken.

  1. Preparation is very important.


Sure you have going out on three dates with them already and everything has gone well so far. You’re now very comfortable with them and you might feel that you can stop putting in efforts right? Wrong, doing so will show your date you are not serious about them. just because you are comfortable with each other doesn’t mean you need to show you in your gym outfit without showering or tell them to meet you at burger king for the  date. Remember to prepare just like you did on your first three dates. Put the same effort you did and that’s how you win their heart.

  1. Make it very special for them.


Now that you know them very well, you can plan a date around something you know they’ll love. You already know what he or she likes and is into so you that to your advantage to create the perfect fourth date. If you know they love the outdoor then plan a date on the outdoors. If he know they love to play tennis then a date around tennis would be fantastic and will impress them.

  1. Have good manners.


Just because you know them well know doesn’t mean you need to stop putting in efforts. Our Orange County matchmakers want you know that this is where most people go wrong. Don’t think that because you are comfortable with each other that you can burp on the table or curse at the waiter. Treat your fourth date like the first one and that’s how you will win their heart. If you are gentleman, let your lady order first. If you are a lady always offer to pay for half of the date. Having good manners is very important for the success of the fourth date.

  1. Keep in mind that this could be the beginning to something special.


Now that you’re on the fourth date, keep in mind that here is where things can take a turn for the better. The fourth date is usually where relationships start. Don’t act like a jerk. The idea is to show the that are a great person that they can see themselves being in a relationship with. This can end up being the person you married and star a family with.

  1. Listen to them.


Don’t make the date revolve around you. If you don’t know too much about them yet, then is time to really listen. The fourth date is the perfect time to ask more meaningful questions and listen to the answers. Our matchmakers want you to know that just because you know a few things here and there doesn’t mean you need to stop asking questions. Always ask more question to get to know them on a deeper level. Continue to get to know them better and genuinely listen to them.

  1. There is no need to rush things.


Different people move at different speeds. You need to let the relationships progress at its own speed. Many daters today prefer to take things slow. You need to gauge how your date wants to take things. The important thing here, is to always go with the flow and never do anything because you feel rushed.

  1. A kiss is ok.


While we don’t encourage sex on the fourth date, we do encourage a little kiss. If there is attraction and chemistry, which clearly are then you can move for a good night kiss at the end of the date. You need to make the first kiss a memorable one so it must be a the perfect time. Usually this happens at the end of the date when you are saying your good byes.

  1. Don’t pressure for sex.


While a kiss is perfectly of on a fourth date, sex isn’t. Remember that you need to give your relationships a chance to grow slowly. Moving into the bedroom too soon is never the answer. Just because your date gave you a kiss doesn’t’ mean they want to take things to the bedroom. Just go with the flow and enjoy each other’s company.

So there you have readers, 8 ways to have a successful fourth date. Now that we’ve got the fourth date covered, would you want to meet someone great to go out on a date with? Contact our Orange County matchmakers and let us introduce you to quality singles in area.