Irvine Matchmakers | 3 Signs He’s Not Ready to Settle Down

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Settling down is a vague term.  When we refer to the notion of settling down, we’re talking about getting engaged or married, not just being in a relationship.  Now, more than ever, marriage is happening later in life.  Here at Orange County Singles, we know the hookup culture and dating apps are probably to blame for that.  Certain men believe in engagement and marriage, but there are some who simply don’t see a point in it nowadays.  We like to call them “commitment phobes.”  Ugh, yes, the guys who refuse to settle down, the ones you should avoid like the plague.

So how do you know you’re dating a commitment phobe?  How do you know he’s merely stringing you along?  There are certain behaviors that a man will display when he’s not ready to settle down.  Today, our Irvine dating service will show you the top three telltale signs you won’t be getting a ring in the future.

1. He Doesn’t Want to Move In with You

He’s holding on to his bachelor pad until the day he dies.  No matter how many time you ask him to move in with you, the answer is always NO.  For some unknown reason, he’s unwilling to give up his bachelor pad.  He makes excuse after excuse and puts it off every time you ask.  One minute he tells you he can’t break the lease, and the next he tells you he’s in love with his place.

Whatever the lame excuse he might give you, he always has one lined up and ready to fire.  If he’s not willing to give up his bachelor pad it’s because he’s afraid of giving up his own space and personal freedom.  Of course this is a huge step for anyone, and it can be scary for many people.  But if he wants to share his life with you, then he should have no problem living together.

2. He Never Mentions the Word “Engagement”

He has never mentioned the word engagement in his life.  Every time you mention it to him, he gets very uncomfortable.  He doesn’t care about his friends getting engaged on social media, nor does he pay attention to your Pinterest board filled with engagement pictures.  Why?  Because you won’t be getting a ring anytime soon.  He doesn’t care about the whole marriage process, not even the wedding itself.  When one of his boys gets married, he doesn’t even care to show up to the wedding.

A guy who hates weddings and everything about them isn’t going to settle down anytime soon.  A man who is ready to settle down will have no problem talking about engagements and attending weddings.  If your guy avoids everything “weddings,” then you know he’s not ready to settle down.

3. If You Are Engaged, He’ll Put Off Setting a Wedding Date

You two are engaged and are happier than ever.  However, your man keeps putting off the wedding date.  First it was “next year,” and now it’s “two or three years from now.”  Why?  You expected for him to want to get married soon; otherwise, why propose to begin with him?

Sometimes men simply propose to keep a woman happy, while they have no intentions of going through with the wedding.  If he refuses to join you for cake shopping, checking out wedding planners, picking venues, and anything else to do with the wedding, then he’s definitely not ready to settle down.  It’s better to accept the truth and leave him now instead of waiting forever to be married.  If he proposed to you just to shut you up, then you have a bigger problem at hand.  Save yourself the stress and heartache and leave him now.

Do you get the sense that your man doesn’t want to settle down?  Is he guilty of the three telling behaviors above?  Then your man is a commitment phobe.  Walk away now and find yourself a man who isn’t afraid of settling down.

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