Irvine Matchmaking Service | 3 Signs He’s Leading You On

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When you meet the person of your dreams, it’s really hard to see anything wrong with them. No matter what he says or what he does, everything seems to be perfect. That’s because you are wearing rose-tinted glasses, so how can you tell whether he’s really interested in you or if he’s playing you?

Guys have certain tells to indicate whether they’re serious about seeing someone or if they’re having second thoughts. It’s also really easy to misunderstand a person’s intentions when we’re hoping from the bottoms of our hearts that they’re as head over heels for us as we are for them. It’s easy to think that all you have to do is ask him how he feels about you and he will tell you the truth, but that’s not how guys work. He might not want to hurt your feelings so he could give you a vague statement or lead you on.

The truth is, there are a few things you can do to figure out his true intentions. It’s going to be though to face, but you deserve to know.

As the best Irvine matchmaking service, we have just the way to help you figure out where things are headed with this guy. Today, our expert matchmakers are going to show you the warning signs he’s only leading you on.

  1. You’re not a priority in his life.


Sorry, ladies, but if he’s never willing to put you above anything in his life, he might be leading you on. If he’s always asking you if it’s cool to reschedule things because his friends want him to go out with them or that he’d love to hang out but his friends are doing something with a time limit, he’s very likely choosing to prioritize his friends over you.

Again, when you’ve got your rose-tinted glasses on, it’s hard to see what this really means. If you call him up and tell him you want to hang out on Friday night because you’ve got a new movie you want to see, and he says okay, then everything seems fine, right? But Friday rolls around and suddenly he’s got something else to do because his friends bought some last-minute tickets to a show. If this is happening to you, he’s leading you on.

  1. He pressures you.


If your man is always willing to consider your feelings about something, then he’s probably a keeper. But what if he always wants to hang out and watch action movies when he knows you hate violent movies? Does he often pressure you to do what he wants to do instead of asking you want you want to do? Really take a minute to think about this one, because it’s easy for a woman to think, “Well, as long as we’re spending time together, it counts as something, right?

Don’t let yourself fall into that mentality. Are you, or are you not, able to do what you want to do without him pressuring you to do what he wants? If your answer is no, and you rarely (or never) get to do what you want, then it means he’s not being considerate of your feelings.

  1. He’s loaded with excuses.


Do you ever try to make plans with him but he’s never really available because his dog needs to go to the vet or because he’s best friend is having girlfriend problems – or some random excuse you don’t really believe? It’s completely possible that he could have something to do, but why are you just hearing about it when you ask him to hang out with you? Why isn’t the line of communication open enough for you to know that he’s not available beforehand?

The truth is, a guy will say or do anything to get out of hanging out with a woman he’s not really into. If he isn’t trying to spend time with you and is always ready with some type of excuse when you suggest getting together, then he’s either trying to let you down gently in the hopes that you catch on and stop asking him out or he’s keeping you on the side as an option.

So tell us, do you think this guy is merely leading you on? If he’s just stringing you along, it’s time you cut him loose. If you’re tired of meeting all the wrong guys on your own, it’s time to let the best Irvine matchmaking service introduce you to the right guy.

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