Orange County Dating Service | 5 Signs He Lost Interest in You

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Has your guy lost interest in you and the relationship? Or is this a natural progression of your relationship? How can you tell the difference?

Today, the #1 Orange County dating service will show you the top signs he’s lost interest in you.

  1. He’s stopped putting in efforts.


Has your boyfriend all the sudden stopped dressing up for you? Have his grooming habits drastically worsened over time? Has he stopped showering when you come around? All of these are definite signs which may indicate that he’s lost interest in the relationship.

That being said, they could also simply imply that he’s become too comfortable in the relationship and doesn’t feel the need to put in any more effort into his appearance. To be absolutely certain, pay attention to his body language. Does he cross his arms when you’re around? Does he ignore you when you speak? Does he grimace at the sight of you? Has he ever walked away during a fight? None of these are reassuring signs.

  1. He doesn’t ask you any questions.


The early days of a relationship are so much fun, aren’t they? Those lengthy date night conversations where you gradually get to know each other, learning who the other person is on a deeper level. But what happens when that crossword fills up? And what if the answers are all boring? Then the challenge is lost and the interest is gone.

How will you know this is happening to you? When he interrupts you while sharing a story, abruptly changes the topic of conversation, and never remembers anything you have to say. If he doesn’t notice your new hairstyle, then your once special bond is gone.

  1. The flirting dynamics are different.


If your boyfriend has started to flirt with other women in front of you, then he’s sending you a clear message that he’s not interested in you anymore. This signal may be saying anything from, “I much prefer this woman over you,” to “I want you to be jealous because that’s how insecure I am.” This behavior isn’t healthy. You know what else isn’t healthy? Being in a relationship with a guy like this.

  1. The fun is gone.


When you initially start a relationship with someone, it’s all about the adorable teasing and lighthearted chitchat, while your happy energies fill the room. As a relationship evolves, however, certain elements may grow stale. The very idea of talking to his guy seems like a chore. It’s up to you where to draw the line here.

  1. He’s always starting fights.


Whether he’s subconsciously trying to drive you into breaking up with him or just taking his anger out on you, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the sweet and kind guy you once knew isn’t that sweet anymore. Instead, he’s been replaced by a rude, bitter man – one who makes offensive remarks about you and is somehow blind to your sharp wit and beautiful personality. Here’s what you do: next time he picks a fight with you for no reason, overreact by leaving him completely.

If you realize your love is lost – or it never got off the ground – you know what you have to do. Cut your losses and move on. You deserve better.

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