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One of the most frustrating things for single women today is not knowing where meet single men in Orange County.  When you’re in college you, you meet guys every day, in class or at parties. But when you’re older and you focus on your life of raising children or advancing in your career – and if your social circle is primarily married friends – it can be hard to find places or opportunities to meet single men who are compatible with you.

Most women rely on dating sites or dating apps to meet men. But as Irvine matchmakers, we know those aren’t the only places to meet single men in OC. You need to be open to new opportunities to meet men every day. That being said, you may have to step out of your comfort zone in order to put yourself in places where single men hangout.

Today, our Irvine matchmakers are going to show you the best places to meet men in Orange County.

  1. Dog Parks


Okay, let us say this: if you do not have a dog, don’t go to the local dog park. Because it’s just odd. If you have a dog, why not let her get some sun and exercise while you check out the single guys?

This is a great strategy to meet single men in OC because it’s such a simple one. Why? Because dogs are great conversation starters. Who doesn’t love to have people fawn over their furry little friend? If he ends up being married or taken, at least it’s not weird that you struck up a conversation with him.

  1. Standing in Line


Do you ever stop to think about how long you spend standing in lines every week? A lot. What a waste of time. Unless you shop for everything online, you can’t avoid standing in line.

If you’re standing in line behind a cute guy, use a little humor to start a conversation with him and see where it goes from there.

  1. The Gym


If you’re serious about your fitness goals, you probably spend a lot of your free time at the gym, so why not figure out how to meet guys at the gym? If you keep seeing the same handsome guy every day, why not walk up to him and say hi? Hey, this one is easy too; after all, you already have something in common – something that will make for a very great conversation starter for you.

  1. On Public Transportation


Another great place to meet single men in OC is on the bus or train on your way to work. Again, this is an opportunity to see the same guy doing the same commute, day after day, and there’s an excellent opportunity to start a conversation.

  1. Cooking Classes


A cooking class is a great place to meet single men, and it makes for a great opportunity to meet men who are serious about dating. They will eventually make for a good partner that can cook up a delicious meal for you.

  1. Language Classes


The best way to meet single men is not to try! Do something that you’re interested in, and if you meet someone while doing it, well, all the better for you! Learning a new language is a great way to stretch your brain. And you never know who will also be attending the classes you’re taking, so sign up and start expanding your mind and your romantic options.

So, you see, ladies? Meeting single men in Orange County isn’t so hard after all – you just need to know where to look!

If you’re single and ready to meet quality single men in OC without having to search on your own, contact our Irvine matchmakers today. Let us do the hard part of dating for you and introduce you to relationship-ready men in Orange County who are fit to date and compatible with you. Let us make dating easy for you!

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