Best Orange County Matchmakers | How to Know He’s the One

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Love is a feeling that can hardly be matched by other emotions. When you meet a guy who dresses well, smells good, has a good paying job and is overall quite handsome, you may start wondering whether or not he’s the one. This can be a serious commitment that you are getting ready to invest in, and it should be considered with a much deeper awareness than how he looks or what he does for a living. If you are wondering, “Is he the one for me?” here a few things you must keep in mind.

Today, our Orange County matchmakers are going to show you how to tell he’s the one.

  1. Does he make you happy?


This one is pretty easy, right? But it doesn’t mean just kind of happy or even moderately happy, we are talking about a different level of happiness here. The happiness you’ve never felt before. When you find someone and ask yourself, is he the one for me, then it’s important that they give you feelings that you’ve never felt with anyone before. Otherwise, you never know when that feeling could actually come. But if you are happy with him and everything is great, it provides for a very promising future together.

  1. Can you be yourself with him?


Being happy means nothing if you can’t be who you are with him. Maybe you want to hold off on some of the things you’d only do in private, but you should certainly be able to feel and act free when you’re with him. If you are wondering if you’ve met the one, but you have to change or act differently when you’re with him, then you haven’t met the one yet.

  1. Does he take your breath away?


No matter how long you’ve been dating each other, being able to determine if he’s the one will be a lot easier if you can say he took your break away the last time you were together. Do you feel those butterflies in your stomach? If you continue to be amazed by him and have your breath taken away day after day, it shows that he’s the one.

  1. Does he have goals in life?


It’s hard to escape true love, no matter what the circumstances are. But in reality, you and your partner should be equally driven and have goals in life. If you are someone who is always on the go and is busy at work, but he is home playing video games or drinking with the guys, then it’s likely his drive isn’t where it needs to be. And if he can’t show that he has passions in life, and if he can’t show that he has goals in life, maybe it’s because he hasn’t grown up properly. Even if he doesn’t have a great job, if he is passionate about what he does, that’s a great start. If he is working hard to get his dream job, that’s everything you need to hear.

  1. Does he respect your family?


Another big factor to determine whether he’s the one or not is how he acts with your family. Not just how he acts in front of them, but also how he speaks of them when they’re not around. If he makes an effort to go golfing with your dad or brings a bottle of wine for your mom when he comes to visit you, you know he’s a keeper and already have your answer. He does love you.

  1. Does he inspire you?


Finally, consider the type of person you are when you are with him. Does he inspire you to be your best, no matter what the situation is? When you start wondering if he’s the one, then it’s vital you find someone who brings out the best in you. You need someone who pushes you to achieve your goals and inspires you to set new ones.

So have you found the one, or are you still searching for your Mr. Right?

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