Anaheim Matchmaking Service | 5 Signs He Wants to Kiss You

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The first date is very crucial, and a kiss is the perfect way to put an end to the date. Learn the unmistakable signs he wants to steal a kiss before he walks away. Look out for the small details that reveal how much he wants to steal a kiss from you so you feel confident and secure about making your move. Observe him well and avoid the awkward moment when you don’t know what to do when the date comes to an end.

Today, our Anaheim matchmaking service is going to show you the top five signs he wants a kiss.

  1. He suddenly goes silent.


You can’t kiss him if you are doing a lot of talking. Of course, he is a multitasker, but we are sure his mouth can’t handle both kissing and talking. He just has to be silent for a little so he can kiss you. It can be very difficult to stop talking when you are nervous. But eventually, he will have to take a moment of silence when your first date is coming to an end.

Look for short silent moments when he has nothing to say and looks like something is on his mind. Most likely it’s a sign he wants to kiss you, and he’s trying to build up the courage to do it. Don’t try to break the silence by changing the subject. Just give him your beautiful smile and wait for the kiss.

  1. He gets clumsy.


If he suddenly stops looking like the cool guy you met, if he is fumbling with his words and making a lot of , it’s an undeniable sign he wants to move in for a kiss. Observe his hands and feet. If he keeps playing with his drink, or his watch or anything else during the date, it’s not like he’s bored and wants to leave. He’s probably a little nervous about moving in for a kiss.

  1. He touches you all the time.


There are many body language cues that will tell you if he wants to kiss you. One of them is touching you. He could touch your knee, arm or shoulder. This shows that he can’t wait until he can grab you in his arms and give you a very romantic kiss. If he can’t control his hands, the same rule applies to his lips.

  1. He offers you a piece of gum.


Your first date was in a restaurant and you just finished dinner. It’s time he drives you back home. While he’s driving, he pops some gum himself and offers you a piece too. Don’t get offended and think he did it because you stink. Having 100% fresh breath during the first kiss is very important and he doesn’t want to risk it. He’s being practical without coming off as rude. After all, you are going to remember this kiss for the rest of your life, so why ruin it with bad breath?

  1. He’s staring at your lips.


Just like the sign above, don’t think that there is something wrong with him because he’s checking out your lips. If he can’t take his eyes of your lips when you are talking, that’s a sign he wants to kiss you. It’s just one more sign he wants to move in for a kiss. You can be sure about his intentions if he makes a compliment about how beautiful your lips are. Don’t think “That’s the dumbest compliment ever.” Accept the compliment and give him a smile. This will give him the signal that you are welcoming his kiss.

You don’t have to be a private detective to know when a guy wants to kiss you. These five signs he wants to kiss you are all you need. In fact, they are so obvious, you can’t miss them even if he tries to hide it.

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