Irvine Matchmaking | 4 Bad Texting Habits That Push Him Away

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Guys are into texting as much as women are. Don’t believe the hype that men don’t like texting; just check their cell phones, and you’ll see how wrong those people and rumors truly are.

Believe it or not, guys see texting the way you do. They see it as a convenient form of communication, because they’re not bothered by the intricacies of having to be face-to-face just to express something. The only difference is their reactions to how other people text them.

If you were texting a guy and he all the sudden disappeared, then maybe it was because of your bad texting habits.

Let our Irvine matchmaking team show you the worst texting habits that push men away.

  1. You become paranoid when he doesn’t reply right away.


You: Hey babe, what are you doing today?

You (after 5 minutes): are you mad at me?

You: Please talk to me and tell me what I did wrong. I am sorry I called you chubby yesterday.

You (after 10 minutes): Are you with someone else?

You (after 45 minutes): You lying cheating trash.

Him: After 45 minutes (I was in the shower)

When you have a serious crush on someone, your brain is under the influence of a lot of love chemicals, like dopamine, which influence your behavior and thought patterns. So we forgive that you are feeling a little paranoid, but he might not see it that way.

Your mind is addicted to his text messages. So when he doesn’t reply back right away, your mind stresses out as if you were going into withdrawal.

The next time you find yourself freaking out because he doesn’t reply right away, take a deep break and control your paranoia.

  1. You text him while he’s at work.


Different people have different texting styles. Some like to be in touch all day long, pinging each other about fun topics happening around them. But others prefer engaging in quality time in the evening once they have returned from work and are free to think without work topics on their mind.

And while he won’t mind you texting him all day when the two of you are still in the honeymoon stage of the relationship, he will definitely rebel once the reality of life sets in.

So be mindful when you text him. Spare him the barrage of texts while he is trying to concentrate at work. Believe us, neither of you will be happy if he gets fired from his job.

Plus, the pitfall of this habit is that it immediately tells him you don’t have a life.

  1. You don’t text him as much as he does you.


Not texting him as much as he texts you is as bad as texting him too much. The only difference is, this time, he ends up thinking you don’t care about him.

It all boils down to the fact that many people ignore messages from people who are not romantically interested in because they think it’s a waste of time.

Remember that the one that initiates the conversation is the one opening themselves up to rejection. This makes the initiator feel very vulnerable until the reply comes pinging back. That’s why when you don’t initiate as much as he does, he ends up feeling like you don’t care about him at all. And this will make him lose interest in you fast.

  1. You have horrible grammar.


Jessica: U want to go c a movie?

Mike: I am busy today.

Jessica: What bout Saturday? Can chu make it then?

Mike: I’ll pass.

If you cringed reading those messages (like we did), then obviously Mike did too. It reads like something a brain-dead Barbie would write after she had a few drinks at the bar.

Remember that high-quality men will immediately be put off by the thought of dating an immature woman.

Bad grammar makes you appear less attractive, even if you are intelligent. And that’s off-putting.

While you might find it quicker to write like this, he will find himself reading your texts as slowly as a first grader because he has to phonetically read out everything. And that will definitely push him away for good.

Ladies, if you’re noticing a lot of guys disappearing on you before the relationship ever gets off the ground, it’s time to evaluate your texting habits. Are you guilty of any of these bad habits that push men away?

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