Huntington Beach Singles | 4 Signs He’s Only After a Fling

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First dates can be very tricky to navigate, especially when it comes to figuring out a guy’s true intentions. To help you out, here are a few things to watch out for.

We already know first dates are supposed to be fun, but that’s not always the case. You are supposed to get to know someone and hopefully want to see them again. But the types of guys that are flooding the Huntington Beach singles scene today are not really the relationship-material types. Many singles in OC are only looking for a fling.

So what can you do to prevent yourself from wasting time on a guy who’s not looking for something serious? Well, you need to know the warning signs he’s only looking for a fling.

Today, our Huntington Beach matchmakers will reveal the tops signs he’s only looking for a quick thing.

  1. He seems overly confident.


Guys who want to have flings are conceited, and that means they’re most likely going to come off as overly confident. You know the type of guys we’re talking about here. Those guys who never admit when they’re wrong and who blame everyone else for their mistakes. The guys who think the world owes them a favor and think less of everyone else. Yeah, that’s this guy.

You can probably guess that you’re not going to want to spend very much time with him, let alone want to start a committed relationship with him. He might be rude to the server or to you too, and he’ll make some comments that you definitely don’t want to hear. This is just the way that it goes with a guy like this.

  1. He orders a lot of drinks.


Guys who are only looking for a fling are looking to have a good time, plain and simple. And this means acting like a frat boy on a Friday night.

Yup, that means that this guy is going to down a few too many drinks, and he’ll definitely still be ordering drinks once you’re done for the night. He doesn’t care about the consequences or the fact that it’s a Monday night and you both have to work the following day. He’s going to behave like It’s Friday night in college, and he’ll be partying like he’s 18. You can probably tell this isn’t the type of person that you can see yourself with long-term since he’s basically way too immature to be a in a committed relationship.

  1. He wants to leave early.


A guy who’s only looking for something casual isn’t going to chat you up all night long. Since he doesn’t want to get to know you on a deeper level, that would be his idea of an awful night. And, again, he’s only thinking about one thing.

When a guy wants a fling or something casual, he’s going to say that he has to leave early. This will probably be after he invites you over to his place and you decline the offer. Since you’ve proven that you’re not looking to give him what he wants, he won’t really want to stick around to talk to you. Harsh but true, and you’re so much better off without this jerk, trust us.

  1. He’s always looking at his phone.


The guy who just wants something quick and casual isn’t going to be devoting his attention to you. But don’t get offended. He won’t really pay attention to anyone else either – no one but himself…and, of course, his phone.

He’ll look at his phone a lot. Why? Because he’s probably chatting it up with multiple women. He might even be trying to set up more dates since he knows that you’re not going to give him what he wants. It’s never fun to be on date and experience this type of situation, and no woman want to deal with a guy who’s rude, but at least you know on a first date and don’t have to see him again.

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