Orange County Matchmakers Reveal 4 Signs He Won’t Cheat

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Being cheated on is the worst feeling in the world.  You feel rejected by your partner and angry at the same time.  You don’t know who you can trust.  But if your man is madly in love with you, you don’t have to worry about him cheating.

A man who truly loves his woman will never think about cheating.  Let our Orange County matchmakers show you signs your boyfriend will never think about cheating on you.

  1. He Appreciates All You Do for Him


Even if you don’t live together yet, you still probably do a lot of things for him – like helping him with his laundry, cooking dinner, or picking up some groceries when he doesn’t have any.  If he’s a bad boyfriend, he’ll never say thank you, in which case you shouldn’t be with him.

If he’s the one for you, he’ll appreciate everything you do for him, and he’ll be sure to let you know.  He’s not going to stay silent because he knows you go out of your way to be kind and caring.  When a guy really appreciates you, you can be sure that he won’t cheat on you.

  1. You Have a Future Plan


Some people are planners and love to organize, while others just go with the flow. Neither one is good or bad, it just depends what type of person you are.  The same thing goes for couples: some couples love to plan things for the future while others don’t really care.

In this case, though, a couple that doesn’t plan things for future and doesn’t make any concrete plans is probably not that committed.  You absolutely deserve a boyfriend who has no problems making future plans.  If you and your boyfriend have future plans, that’s a good sign, and he’ll never think of cheating.  You can be sure about that, and you don’t have to worry one bit about him straying.

  1. You Talk About Relationship Milestones


It’s pretty rare that you and your boyfriend can just randomly go, “Let’s get a place together” and bam, you get a place the next day.  There are a lot of things to consider and talk about, like when both of your leases in current places will come to an end, what neighborhood you want to live in, and what type of home are you looking for.

If you and your boyfriend talk about milestones before they happen, that’s a good sign that he will stay faithful.  You’ve discussed moving in together months before it’ll actually happen.  And maybe you’ve said that you want to get married and start a family, and he wants the same.  That proves that you care about each other and are both on the same page about the future.

  1. He Tells You How Much He Loves You


Of course, just because your boyfriend says he loves you doesn’t mean he actually does.  But a guy who is always making an effort to show you that he loves you probably won’t cheat on you.  If you’re in a relationship with a guy who is always sharing how he feels about you, he’s genuine about the whole thing.

Consider yourself very lucky if your boyfriend is sweet and romantic because those types of guys are rare.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, he wants to tell you this stuff.  He texts you sweet nothings throughout the day, he compliments you when you get done up, and you just know that he really has strong feelings for you.  This should definitely reassure you that he will never cheat on you.

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