Orange County Dating Service | 8 Habits That Ruin 1st Dates

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First dates tend to be a challenge for many singles. Everyone is full of nerves and afraid of the unknown yet excited at the same time. It’s okay that first dates are tough, but don’t make them tougher than they need to be. There are certain habits that guarantee you’ll tank your first date. To help you become a better dater, we’re here to lend some insight. Let our Orange County dating service show you the worst bad habits that are guaranteed to ruin first dates.

  1. Arriving Late


This one is a given. Never, under any circumstance, arrive late. If you want to immediately ruin your first date, then show up late. Of course, extenuating circumstances happen to everyone, so it’s okay if it’s for a good reason. Still, arriving late to a first date sends a bad message to your date. It tells them that you don’t care about their time. Do whatever it takes to ensure you arrive on time.

  1. Talking Too Much & Not Listening


If you find that you’ve been doing most of the talking and your date hasn’t said a word, then you’re dominating the conversation. Don’t be a conversation hog. Sure, you might have many interesting things to discuss with your date, but isn’t the point in dating to get to know each other? Be sure to ask your date questions, open your ears, and take it all in. Your date wants to know you care, so you must truly listen to them.

  1. Constantly Checking Your Phone


Unless you’re a doctor on call, you can put your phone down for an hour or two. Tell your friends that you’re on a date so they don’t bother you. Come on, you don’t have to check your Instagram feed every five minutes. It’s okay, the posts will still be there after your date. If you must, you can check your phone when you go to the bathroom or when your date excuses themselves to go to the restroom. Checking it any other time sends the message that you’re not interested in your date. And who wants to be on the receiving end of that message?

  1. Oversharing


Being open and sharing some things about your life is cool, but you shouldn’t tell your date everything the first time you’re out together. They shouldn’t know about every relationship you had in the first half hour. This will likely freak them out and tell them there’s something wrong with you. instead, keep boundaries on what you’re going to share. Intimacy must be built slowly.

  1. Having Wandering Eyes


This might be a nervous habit of yours, but you need to break it right now. We understand that maintaining eye contact with your date can be intimidating at times, but constantly scanning the room sends the message that you’re not interested in them. A downward or sideways glance once in a while is okay, but don’t let your eyes wander around the room. It will leave your date feeling like you’re not into them or that you’re bored and want to leave.

  1. Talking About the Future


There are few things that scare someone away faster than when a date gets serious about the future so early on. Don’t be that person. You can certainly talk about an upcoming second date, but don’t speak too much about the future or assume that you’re going to see each other again.

  1. Responding with One-Word Answers


A conversation is like a tennis match—it should go back and forth. Your date is going to be turned off if you’re only giving them one-word answers. Don’t just respond with one word and expect to keep a nice conversation going. Instead, go ahead and ask them questions too. Like we said, it must be like a tennis match.

  1. Pretending to Be Someone Else


This one shouldn’t even have to be listed, but unfortunately, we have to say it anyway. Never pretend to be someone you’re not. For example, maybe your date is a gym fanatic… don’t pretend to be into working out if you’re not. Your date will see right through you. The whole point in dating is to get to know each other and gauge compatibility, something that can’t be judged if you’re not being open and honest about who you are and what you enjoy.

Are you ready to start having successful first dates? Then avoid these eight bad habits that are guaranteed to ruin your first date. Once you nix these bad habits, your dating life will greatly improve.

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