Orange County Dating Service | 6 Signs He’s Your Soul Mate

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What is a soul mate?  A soul mate is a person who is more than your romantic partner.  He is your best friend—your rock, the person you turn to when you’re feeling down and out, the person you go to when you’re feeling happy—he is your partner in crime.

Have you finally come to that point on your dating journey? Have you finally met someone who just gives you those inexplicable fuzzy feelings?  Have you finally met that special someone who completes you?  Do you think you finally found your soul mate?

As the Orange County dating service with nearly 30 years of experience, we know how to tell you found your soul mate.  Let our expert matchmakers show you a handful of signs to confirm it.  We are so excited for you!  Going on so many dates is tiresome, so we’re happy you finally found love.

So grab yourself a coffee and keep smiling as our Orange County dating service shows you the top signs he is your soul mate.

He Makes You Feel Good


Your soul mate will make you feel good no matter what.  It doesn’t matter if you’re having the worst day of your life, he’ll be there to cheer you up.  When you feel lousy and depressed, he knows what to say to change your mood.  He encourages you and supports you no matter what you’re going through in life.

You Get Each Other


Ever hang out with people you just don’t click with?  Maybe it was a friend or coworker that you could just never hit it off with.  Perhaps you went on dates with people you knew you just wouldn’t click with.  And then he appeared, and you knew you just clicked right away… You found your soul mate.

You both get each other’s quirks and weirdness—you’re on a deeper level than anyone else.  It’s not like he’s known you your whole life, but it certainly feels that way.

He’s Your Best Friend


A lot of times when a relationship comes to an end, we either stay friends with the ex or become strangers.  But with your soul mate, you don’t become strangers.  Even if the two of you are apart, you will reunite because the universe connects you together.  It’s one of the strongest signs he’s your soul mate.

It’s the Two of You Vs. The World


Since the two of you have been together it was you against the world.  You both had to fight battles but always stuck by each other’s side.  You pick each other up when you’re down and overcome anything that comes your way.

There’s rarely been anyone by your side besides him.  He is your teammate—your support.  You feel safe with him by your side and get the feeling you can do anything together.  This is another clear sign you found your soul mate.

You Feel Relaxed with Him


He’s your soul mate so you don’t have to be all dolled up around him.  In fact, he’s the happiest when you’re just lounging around burrowing your head in his chest as you watch movies at home.

He’s Supportive of You


Your soul mate will be your number one supporter in whatever you do.  In a world full of critics, he’ll be your number one cheerleader and encourage you to pursue your dreams.  He won’t tell you that you can’t do it.  He will tell you that you can.  He believes in you more than you believe in yourself.  He is your number one supporter and will be there to support you through anything.

So how happy are you right now?  Is the new man in your life your soul mate?  We sure hope he is!

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