8 Dating Dos & Don’ts from Orange County Matchmakers

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Google “dating dos & don’ts” and you’ll quickly be flooded with a ton of articles.  Do be on time, don’t talk to too much, and do use your manners.  Most people know these dating tips.  But when you ask a matchmaker who is on the frontline every day—someone like our Orange County matchmakers who have been heling singles for nearly 30 years—you’ll get a different response.

We talk to a large number of clients on a daily basis, whether it’s evaluating their dates, arranging their dates, or prepping them for upcoming dates.  We hear many stories—inspiring, surprising, and shocking.  To help everyone make the best out of their dating life, we’ve compiled the top dating dos and don’ts for first date success.

1. Do Be Present & Appreciate Them

Humans have a natural tendency to lean towards negativity while allowing wonderful moments to fly by.  For example, many people complain about their day instead of talking about positive things that are going on in their lives.  Unfortunately, this will greatly hamper your dating life.  When you sit down with your date, get to know them and create positive and lighthearted conversation instead of talking about negative things, such as traffic and issues at work.  Be present and appreciate your time together.

2. Don’t Google Them

We’ve heard many dating stories about people Googling each other beforehand and later boasting it while on the date.  If you Google your date and tell them things they never told you, you’re going to come off as stalkerish.  It is better to discover those things while you’re out on the date, so try to resist the temptation of doing a little stalking beforehand.

3. Do Find a Balance Between Talking & Listening

Talking too much on a first date is a very common dating complaint.  It’s normally due to nervous chatter or oversharing to impress their date.  However, for a second date to take place, you must find the right balance between listening and sharing.  Make sure the conversation flows back and forth like a ping pong game.

4. Don’t Abandon Your Date

If you happen to see one of your friends or coworkers while on your date, don’t leave your date to go chat with them for 15 minutes.  It’s fine to say hi and introduce your date, but then kindly and promptly return to your date.

5. Do Pick Up the Bill

If you’re a guy and are inviting a lady on a date, you’re supposed to pay for the date.  It is the polite thing to do and shows your interest in her.  It lets her know that you are a true gentleman.

6. Don’t Get Distracted with Your Phone

Taking phone calls while on a date is a huge red flag.  Browsing your social media account lets your date know you’re not interested in them.  Save the phone calls and social media for once you’re home.

7. Do Send a Message the Same Night

The three-day rule is long gone.  If you had a wonderful time with them, text them and let them know.  A simple, “It was so nice meeting you. I had a wonderful time tonight” can go a long way with your date.

8. Don’t Drink Too Much

Becoming intoxicated on your date can lead to many negative outcomes.  You want to have a clear head and decipher your feelings for them.  More importantly, you want to remember what the two of you talked about.  Getting sloppy is not attractive, which is why we recommend you keep it to a glass or two of wine.

Final Words of Wisdom

If you want your first date to be a success, don’t treat it as a job interview.  Go to it just like you would when you’re meeting a good friend.  Relax and enjoy the date so you can hopefully score a second date.

If you’re having a hard time meeting quality singles on your own, contact our Orange County matchmakers today and let us take over the hard part of dating for you.  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!