Irvine Matchmakers Unwrap Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Guy

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Tis the season to be jolly (and extremely stressed out about doing Christmas shopping for your man).  It’s very difficult to choose a great gift for a guy because his taste is different than yours.  Men love simple things (so they say), yet they like expensive things too.  Hmm.  There are many things you can get your boyfriend, but how do you choose the perfect gift this year?  How do you choose the right gift without breaking the bank?  Or worse, disappointing him?  Our Irvine matchmakers are here to help ease your holiday shopping troubles.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

It’s true, it’s the thought behind the gift that counts.  But it’s also true that guys are like kids, and they do get excited about their presents.  So to help you out, our matchmaking team has compiled a list of our top holiday gift ideas for him.  Get ready to dazzle your guy this Christmas.

1. Toys

Look around your place… What kind of toys does your boyfriend have?  If he doesn’t have any, try to get clues from his favorite movies.  Is he a superhero fanatic?  Does he collect anything?  If he does, use these ideas to find him something appropriate.

2. Shoes

Guys who are into shoes are easy to buy gifts for because you already know what they want.  But if your boyfriend doesn’t really care about the latest shoes, then you’re better off getting him a pair of sturdy shoes he can use for anything.

3. Books

Check out the bookshelf…  What is the latest book he’s been reading? Take a look around and see which books he’s been reading lately, then get him something from the same genre.  If you already know his favorite author, then you’re set.

4. A Care Package

This could be anything he needs to relieve the stress.  Has your boyfriend been stressed out lately?  Is he worried about an upcoming presentation?  Is he going on a business trip?  Put together a thoughtful care package of all the things he can use every day.  From practical to delicious, the options are endless.

5. A Trip for Two

Beach?  No, you’ve been there before.  A bed & breakfast?  You’ve done that too.  How about getting tickets for an exotic destination you’ve never been to before?  Some of the best gifts are experiences, so what better gift than a trip for the two of you?

6. A Shopping Spree at His Favorite Store

Maybe you already know your guy is hard to buy for, so don’t worry.  You can take him on a shopping spree at his favorite store.  Some guys don’t do the mall, but maybe he has a favorite store, even it’s online, that he prefers to do his shopping.  Take him there and let him go crazy.

7. A High-End Shaving Kit

Forget having to buy razors every week and gift your boyfriend a high-end shaving kit to keep him looking sharp all the time.  The equipment in these shaving kids is designed to be sleek and efficient, so he’s going to love it.

8. Gadgets

There are so many gadgets you can get your boyfriend depending on what he likes.  You can get him the latest smartwatch, a new camera, or the latest pair of headphones.  This all depends on what your boyfriend needs and wants.

We hope you like these holiday gift ideas for your boyfriend this Christmas.  We know your guy is going to love them.  Whichever gift you choose, remember that it’s the thought that counts, so don’t forget to write him a sweet note with his gift.

Our team of Irvine matchmakers here at Orange County Singles wish you a very cheery & romantic holiday with your guy!

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