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Ladies, it happens to everyone.  As the best dating service in Irvine, we’ve heard it far too many times from men who were friend zoned.  Unfortunately, it’s now happening to women more and more in today’s dating scene.

Sometimes you’re really into a guy, but he’s only into you as a friend.  It’s everyone’s dream—or nightmare—when a guy stops being interested in them.  If you’ve had your fair share of bad relationships and declared that all guys are no good, then this might be your dream.  But if you’re searching for true love, then being placed in the friend zone definitely stinks.

If you’ve been friend-zoned and can’t figure out why, let our Orange County matchmakers show you the reasons.  After all, if it’s something you did, you want to know so you can avoid doing it in the future.

1. You tried too hard to please him.

You buy him birthday presents, Christmas presents, and presents just because.  You even bought him a cute Easter basket and surprised him on Easter Day.  You buy him lunch when you see him and cover the bills when you go out for drinks.  If he seems unhappy, you scramble to fix something for him.  You think you’re doing your best to show him you feel about him, but you’re really just becoming his new mother.

Ladies, never be too accommodating for a guy.  Never run yourself broke trying to please a man.  It’s one thing to be kind and caring, but it’s another to be taken advantage of.

2. He’s dated your type before.

Maybe he’s already dated someone like you, and that’s the reason you were friend-zoned.  Sure, he probably still thinks you’re a wonderful person and loves hanging out with you.  But when it comes to dating, the answer will always be no.  Everyone usually sticks to their type and rarely test the waters outside their comfort zone.  But maybe your type scarred him before, meaning he doesn’t want to get hurt again.  If this is the case, it’s nothing you’ve done.  This one’s on him.

3. Your relationship history turns him off.

Let’s say you have a long history of partners, or maybe you’re known for having casual relationships.  Maybe you get attached too soon or get jealous and possessive and push men away.  Did you share your relationship history with him?  Well, maybe that’s why you were placed in the friend zone.  If you had a wild or miserable history of relationships, don’t be surprised if that’s why you were placed in the friend zone.  This type of information can scare guys away.

4. You’ve become one of the guys.

You worked so hard to become his best friend, but now you are his very best friend.  You’re head over heels for him and want to get serious with him, but he doesn’t see you as a girlfriend because he now sees you as one of the guys.

There is no way you can undo this effect.  He doesn’t see you as a romantic partner, and it’s just not going to happen.  You might have been your own worst enemy by being such an easygoing gal.  Some guys keep their friendships and relationships separate and never mix the two.  Consider this a lesson, and never do it again.

Are you tired of being placed in the friend zone?  Do you wish you could find a man who could be your best friend and lover?  If so, contact the best dating service in Irvine and let our Orange County matchmakers introduce you to men who are fit for a relationship and compatible with you.

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