Irvine Dating Service | 5 Healthy Ways to Heal from a Breakup

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Forget cupcakes and wine, it’s time to get over this breakup in a healthy way.  If it seems like the only way to heal from a breakup is by eating junk food and drinking liquor, it’s because that’s the way it’s been engraved since we were young.  It’s like the only thing we know how to do: you get dumped, grab a bucket of ice-cream and a big spoon and settle for a night on the couch, or you watch romantic movies with a bottle of wine and a big box of tissues by your side.  While these methods might be popular today, as Irvine dating and relationship experts, we know they’re not the most effective to heal and move on from a failed relationship.

Believe it or not, you can get over your ex while keeping your waistline intact.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to get over your breakup without putting on ten extra pounds?  You can do it!  Today, our Irvine dating and relationship experts here at Orange County Singles will show you five ways to get over a breakup that don’t require Ben & Jerry’s.

1. Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Diets are super lame and never work.  While you don’t have to start a new diet, you can definitely adopt a healthy lifestyle and make it yours.  You can go to the gym every day and cut out grains, beans, processed foods, and sugar.  You can also go gluten-free and follow simple recipes to enjoy a gluten-free lifestyle.  The choices are endless when you want to get healthy, but it has to be something you like.  And remember, it’s not a diet but a lifestyle.

2. Find Time to Sweat

Just because your friend runs marathons all the time doesn’t mean that’s your thing, and just because your friends are doing yoga doesn’t mean that’s your thing either.  You can use your free time to do whatever it is you like to do that makes you sweat.  Maybe you are interested in taking dance lessons, Zumba classes, or even checking out CrossFit.  Or perhaps you just like to break a sweat running, biking, or roller blading around the neighborhood.  Really, it’s all good.

3. Prepare Your Meals

You’re going to want to spend a lot of time hibernating while you’re getting over your ex, and that’s okay, but you might as well spend it doing something productive and healthy.  You have endless free time, you have the desire to have a good body, and you’re in desperate need of distraction, so what better time than now to get busy in the kitchen?  Prepare yourself a week’s worth of home cooked meals (healthy options of course) and save yourself the hassle during the busy work week.  Soon, you’ll forget about your ex and be super proud of your new cooking skills and healthy lifestyle.

4. Dream & Set Goals

So the life you thought you had with your ex has now come to an end.  That’s okay, it happens all the time.  But you don’t have to mourn what could have been and never will be.  Now you can dream your own dreams and figure out what you want in life.  It is very healthy to focus on what you want instead of thinking about the past.  Maybe you want to advance in your career, buy a new apartment, install an updated kitchen (since now you’re a kitchen rock start), or maybe you want to do a little traveling.

5. Talk to People

It’s not healthy to keep everything inside.  If you are upset, which we know you are, then make sure you tell people in your life what is going on in your head.  Tell whoever you’re close to what’s going on up there.  Invite your friends over and chat, but do it ASAP.  You don’t want to hold it in any longer.  If you feel like complaining about your ex, then go ahead and do it.

See, we told you that Ben & Jerry’s and Pinot Grigio weren’t on the breakup recipe card.  Follow these five healthful tips from our Irvine dating service and move on from your breakup in a productive and healthy way.

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