Top Perks of Joining an Upscale Orange County Dating Service

orange county dating service

The younger generation might not know what “Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match” means, but they’re quickly finding out that a professional matchmaker is the best way to find love in OC.

It’s not exactly hard to see why so many relationship-minded men and women are turning to the experts when it comes to finding love.  Plenty of ink has been spilled over the Netflix and chill phenomenon, and online dating and mobile dating apps can be frustrating—to say the least.

Exhausted by online dating and the time it requires, more and more relationship-minded singles in OC are opting for a service that’s far more traditional, private, and proven effective.

When online dating became mainstream, our matchmakers noticed the game change.  On one hand, the emergence of online dating sites did a lot for people.  It eliminated the stigma of putting oneself out there in their social circle and letting people know they’re available and searching.  But now everyone is doing it.  Online dating has given its users too many choices, which can be overwhelming and exhausting.

Instead of finding their ideal partners online, more and more singles are taking control of their dating life by outsourcing it to our professional matchmakers.  While our services are certainly not free, and are more expensive than online dating sites, they certainly do yield results.  Let us show you why relationship-minded singles in OC turn to our upscale Orange County dating service on the search for true love.

1. You Won’t Meet People Who Aren’t Compatible with You

You know how it goes: they’re attractive, they make you laugh, and there was serious chemistry going on.  Flash forward three dates and you’re getting a little more serious only to discover (done-done-done) that your religious and political views don’t match and you both have different fundamental beliefs.  On paper, the two of you aren’t compatible.  Sound familiar?  Probably, because it happens a lot when you date on your own.

2. We Coach You in a Proactive Way

Talking to one of our matchmakers about relationships can be very therapeutic, especially when your friends are the type of people who overanalyze every minute of your dates.  Our clients love to be coached when they start dating through our services.  Our matchmakers can remind you that you’re in control of your dating life, which is a very different message than you get from your friends.

3. We Provide You with Valuable Feedback

Post-date anxiety anyone?  It’s a nauseating emotion everyone feels.  Did I make a good impression on them?  Will they call me for a second date?  Do we have a lot in common?  Will they ghost me and leave me wondering?  What does this text even mean?

When you work with our matchmakers, you’re not on your own when you date.  You have an understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes.  Our matchmakers will chat with you and your date separately about how the date went and provide you with feedback on where you stand.  So even if they’re not your perfect match, you at least get some very valuable feedback that can lift your spirits and help you improve on your next date (if this date wasn’t a go).

So is joining our upscale Orange County dating service really worth the investment?  This summer alone, we were responsible for many successful matches and happy relationships.  So you tell us, is it worth it for you?  Won’t it be refreshing to have someone take over the workload of dating for you?

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