Irvine Matchmakers | 5 Legit Signs He’ll Make a Great Husband

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If you’re in a relationship and starting to think about the future together, it’s hard to know whether you’re actually dating the one.  You know he’s a great boyfriend, but marriage is a whole other ballgame.  Unfortunately, there’s no crystal ball to tell you he’ll be a great husband in the future, but there are a few signs you can look for to get your own answer.

Sometimes you just have to rely on your intuition.  But when it comes to matters of the heart, your intuition might not always be the best guide.

Can’t figure out what your intuition is telling you?  Don’t worry, we’re here to help.  Let our Irvine matchmakers show you five telltale signs your guy is husband material.

1. He’s Motivated

He’s motivated to work hard and wants to be successful because he imagines himself starting a family with you.  Ladies, you don’t want to date a guy who is a couch potato, someone who is 35 and still lives in his parent’s basement, or a guy who is a momma’s boy and relies on his mother for everything.  You want to be with a guy who knows how to do everything for himself.  If you’re dating a guy with great work ethics, then he’s a keeper for sure.

2. He Loves You for Who You Are

He doesn’t care what you do for a living, that you put on a few pounds over summer, or that you eat your pizza with a fork and knife.  He loves you for who you are as a person.  He sees you without makeup and still loves you.  This love is pure and should never be overlooked.  Many women put on masks because they’re afraid of showing their true colors out of fear of being rejected.  If you’re with a guy who loves you for who you are, quirks and flaws included, then you found your future husband.

3. Family Is Important to Him

If you’re thinking about spending the rest of your life with a guy, it’s crucial to consider what you both find important.  If family is important to you, then it needs to be important to him.  If he’s close to his family and values them, then that’s great.  You want someone who understands the importance of family.  This is especially true if you plan on having children one day.

4. He Has Short & Long-Term Goals

He has goals and works hard to achieve them.  Whether it’s career goals or personal goals, you want a guy who sets goals and works hard to conquer them.  A lot of men are all about bragging but put nothing in action.  This type of guy rarely goes anywhere in life.  So if your boyfriend has goals in life and works towards them, he’s definitely husband material.

5. You Love Him

We’re not talking about lust, obsession, or infatuation, which many women mistake for love.  We’re talking about true, passionate, and deep feelings for him.  Love will get you through hard times in life and keep you motivated to fight for your relationship.  All the other feelings we mentioned are only temporary, and you definitely don’t want to marry someone based on those feelings alone.

Every woman might have a different idea of what constitutes “husband material.”  But these five traits can give you a basic guide to figuring out if your boyfriend is the one for you.

If you’re single and want to meet marriage-minded men in Orange County, contact our Irvine matchmakers and let us help you meet them.  We’ll get to know you and everything that is important to you and in a relationship.  Once we have a firm understanding of everything you’re looking for, we’ll go hard to work hand-selecting quality matches who are a good fit for you.  We do the hard work of dating so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!