Orange County Matchmakers Reveal Top 4 Signs He’s Cheap

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Is your boyfriend good with money, is he a saving connoisseur, or is he just really cheap?  Money can be the cause of many fights in relationships, whether new or old.  Although you might not be looking for a man who likes to spend money left and right, you also don’t want a partner who doesn’t want to spend a penny.  There needs to be a happy medium.  So how do you know if you’re man is good with money or just a cheapskate?  Let u show you how.

Take time to sift through these four signs that your new man is just plain cheap.  It’s not that he doesn’t have cash or is saving for something down the road but rather he just wants to keep his money to himself.

1. He’s always forgetting his wallet.

Every once in a while everyone leaves something at a home.  It probably happens to you a lot.  Your cell phone, your eyeglasses, some makeup items, and every once in a while your wallet.  But if the new man in your life is constantly forgetting his wallet and only remembering right before the bill comes out, then you need to run for the hills.  One time can be forgiven because it can happen to anyone, but if your man is making a habit of it, then he’s just cheap and has no qualms of sticking you with all the bills.

2. He looks for coupons before going out.

Being frugal is a smart way to live, especially when you have a family and are on a budget.  But when you’re just dating, frugality can be a huge turn off.  Is his first inclination checking for coupons before deciding where to eat?  Does he say no to a certain place because there aren’t any coupons available?  Well, there you have it, a clear sign that the new man in your life is just a cheapy.

3. He asks for discounts everywhere you go.

This is a true sign you’re dating a cheapskate.  Is the new man in your life always finding something wrong with his food?  Does he always want compensated when he finds something wrong?  Is he always asking the waiter for a discount by saying things like, “My coffee was too cold,” “The French fries were hard,” or “The entrée was brought out too quickly after the appetizers”?  If the new man in your life has a habit of doing these things, don’t get blinded by it: he’s just a cheapskate.  He didn’t find anything wrong with his food.  He just doesn’t like to pay full price for anything.  Yikes!  What a cheapskate.

4. He only takes you on free dates.

Okay, so the new man in your life might not find anything wrong with his food, the location, or the experience, but that’s because he’s only taking you out on free dates.  Free walks at the park.  Free visits to the museums.  Free documentaries being played at the local movies.  Freebies can be fun, and no one is knocking them.  But during the early stages of the relationship, he should be putting in efforts to impress you, not be acting like a broke college kid.  If the new man in your life has never taken you on a nice date, then it’s time to reevaluate this relationship.

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