Fun Things Singles in Orange County Can Enjoy This Summer

Summer is by far the best season there is, right?  Okay, so fall is up there too.  After all, who doesn’t love a delicious pumpkin spice latte and rocking fashionable boots?  But June and August are all about the beach and having fun in the sun.  Those who love in Orange County know exactly what we’re talking about here.  Cocktails, burgers, ice-cream, cold drinks, and tons of fun… Yep, that’s what summer’s all about!

It’s hard not to be in a cheery mood when the sun is shining every day, even if you have to go to work and do the adult thing.  But summer is also wonderful for other reasons.  It’s pretty much the best time of year to enjoy your single status to the fullest.  Yes, you read that right.  If you don’t believe us, read on to find out from our matchmakers here at Orange County Singles how you can live it up and make it a summer to remember, single or not!

If you’re single, let us show you how to really enjoy flying solo this summer.  Turn that frown upside down and check out the best things for singles in Orange County to enjoy this sun-tastic summer in sunny California.

1. The Freedom to Do as You Want

The summer makes you feel freer than the dreary winter, and the first way that comes to mind is being freer because you don’t have to wrap yourself up in layers.  You can literally walk out your door in a cute summer dress and sandals.  Easy peasy, off you go.

If you combine the summer season and your single status, you’ll feel freer than ever before.  You don’t have to deal with exes, wonder why your boyfriend isn’t showing you affection like he once did, or question why his mom and dad don’t like you.  You don’t have to worry about anything but you.  You have the freedom to do as you want, so go ahead and enjoy a liberating summer this year.

2. Your Newfound Optimism

There is something magical about sunny days that makes us feel ultra-optimistic about life.  You have a sense of hope that things will work out for you.  Everyone feels more positive in the summer than they do in the winter, and that’s a proven fact.  You don’t have to stress over chilly temperatures or lock yourself up at home because it’s too cold and dreary to go out.  Nope, you can be super-active and optimistic in the summer, which spells fun and excitement with your single life.

3. Fun in the Sun

There’s no doubt that being single in the summer, especially in a vibrant place like Orange County, is a lot of fun.  You won’t be roped into going to your boyfriend’s family’s get together.  Nope, you don’t have any commitments right now and can do as you want.  Of course, you still have to get up early and go to work and do all the adult stuff, but besides that, you can enjoy summer to the fullest.

Summer 2017 is your summer, so make the best of it.  Grab your friends and go to local concerts, outdoor festivals, farmers markets, or just down to the sandy beaches.  The sky is the limit, and as you know, there are many exciting things to do in Orange County.  Once you start having fun instead of wondering why you can’t find a partner, you’re going to realize why being single in the summer is perhaps the best thing in the world.

4. Nights on the Town with Friends

If there is one thing you’ll love about being single in the summer, it’s those fun nights on the town with friends where you can chat, gossip, and enjoy delicious summer cocktails.  That’s pretty much the best thing in the world, wouldn’t you say?  Some refreshing drinks and gossip, you can’t top that.  You appreciate your best friends more when they are the most important people in your life.

5. Liberating Trips

If you’re single this summer, don’t panic, because there are still many things singles in Orange County can do to have fun.  Why not pick up and travel as much as possible?  Go ahead and talk to your friends about renting a cottage for the weekend or splurge on house at the beach for a week.  It will be the most amazing vacation you’ve ever had, and you won’t even remember that you’re single because you’ll be having the time of the life with your friends.

If you want to go somewhere a little more exotic, go ahead and book a lavish vacation.  Did someone say Cancun?  Okay, maybe not so lavish that you break the bank, but you can definitely find something that works with your budget.  It’s great to take a small break from dating and do a little traveling because it will refresh your mind and spirit.

6. Career Advancements

If you already like your job, there’s no better time to advance than in the summer.  If you like what fills up your time, then you won’t mind putting in a few more hours in the summer.  Who knows, by the end of summer you could advance to that position you always dreamed of.

If you’re starting to dread your job, use the summer to find a different direction for your life.  There is no time like the present after all.  You can start searching for a job right now and find the perfect position by September, or you can finally build up the courage to open your own business.  You will be super grateful for the summer because you chose to focus on yourself and advance in other parts of your life.

Summer 2017 is going to be one to remember.  Instead of dreading being single this summer, follow these tips from our Irvine matchmakers and make the most out of your summer days.

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