How a Dating Break Can Help You Find Love in Orange County

Finding that special someone so share life with is something everyone wants at some point, but as most busy professional singles know, finding love in Orange County is not an easy task.  Our Irvine matchmakers have nearly 30 years in the matchmaking business, and we’re here to share a little secret with you, a secret that could give you the fresh romantic start you need.

Really, one of the best ways (besides hiring one of our expert matchmakers) to improve your chances of finding that special someone is taking a small dating break.  A dating break?  You might be thinking we’re crazy, right?  After all, we’re a matchmaking service that sends people out on dates on a daily basis.  But believe us, a small dating break might be exactly what your dating life needs right about now.

Dating Mistakes Everyone Makes

It’s true, everyone makes dating mistakes.  Many people go on first dates and put too much pressure on themselves and their date, which totally ruins everything.  Some people search for singles in all the wrong places, while others search so hard for love that they neglect other aspects of life.

How Can a Small Dating Break Help You Find Love in Orange County?
How can a dating break help you find love?  When you’re not in a relationship, and you’re not searching for one, things start to happen.  But what are those things?  Today, our Irvine matchmakers are going to show you exactly what we’re talking about here.

1. You’ll get to know yourself better.

This is the most important reason to take a small dating break.  When you take a break from dating, you learn who you are as an individual.  Many people think they already know who they are and what they want out of life, but so many of them don’t figure it out until they take a step back.  If you’re always on the search for love, you’re always molding yourself to fit someone else’s ideals, which often means losing sight of who you are as a person.  When you stop dating, you allow yourself to breathe, live your life, and get back to who you are, and all these things will help you attract the right partner.

2. You’ll find out what you desire in a partner.

Just like it helps you get to know yourself, a small dating break will also help you figure out what you really desire in a partner.  You might think you know what you want in a partner and probably go for the same type of people again and again, which is the reason you’re not in a relationship right now.

When you take a small dating break, you learn what you really want in a partner, which will make the search for love easier when you return.

3. You’ll open yourself up to new people.

If you’re always dating, you’re not available to meet someone who could be better for you.  You are dating so much that you make yourself unavailable to others, which causes you to turn down dates with people who could be compatible with you.

4. You’ll focus on your own life.

You know what’s more important than finding a partner?  Creating a happy life for yourself.  You will never find a partner unless your life is complete and you’re happy.  Building a life you’re proud of will pave the way for a relationship.  You can’t expect to find a happy relationship if you’re unhappy with your life.  It doesn’t work that way.

5. You’ll learn to love in different ways.

Romantic love isn’t the only type of love that exists in the world, and taking a small dating break will help you understand that.  You will learn how to love your friends, your family, and most importantly how to really love yourself.  All these are very important in any successful relationship.  Taking a small dating break will help you understand that romantic love isn’t the only love that exists.

6. You’ll realize you’ll only find love if you stop obsessing about it.

Everyone has heard the saying “A watched pot never boils.”  Well, this is spot on in your dating life.  If you’re obsessed with finding the one, you’ll ruin your chances of finding them.  If you stop obsessing about love, the search will get easier for you.

7. You’ll find clarity.

When you take a small dating break, you’ll be able to see things more clearly.  You’ll understand your past mistakes and fix them so they never happen again.  You might realize that you have to work on yourself before you can reenter the dating scene.

8. You’ll stop taking dating so seriously.

The more you date, the more pressure you put on your dates.  By taking a small dating break, you’ll stop taking dating so seriously.  Go ahead and take a small dating break because once you come back, you’ll see dating in a completely different light, which will take the pressure off finding the one.

It might seem weird to take a small dating break, but our Irvine matchmakers know it can actually bring you one step closer to finding love in Orange County.  Yep, it’s true: a small dating break can actually help you reconnect with yourself and figure out what you’re truly looking for in a partner and relationship.

Once you have clarity, you’ll be able to return to the OC dating scene refreshed, energized, and with a better perspective.  Once you’re ready to come back to the Orange County dating scene, our Irvine matchmakers will be here to help you with everything you need on your dating journey.

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