Why Online Dating Won’t Work to Find Love in Orange County

Online dating sites have become very popular in the Orange County dating scene.  But ever since the birth of shadier sites and mobile dating apps, such as Plenty of Fish, Tinder, and many others, things have gotten out of control.  What was once used as a way to meet potential dates has now become the playing field for hookups and casual encounters.

As the leading Irvine matchmakers, we know firsthand that online dating sites simply don’t lead to love.  Most of the singles who frequent the sites don’t care about commitment or real relationships, which is the reason many singles in OC are frustrated with online dating sites.  If you are thinking about using an online site to find love in Orange County, think again.  Let our Irvine matchmakers show you why it will never work.

1. It has a terrible reputation.

The horror stories associated with online dating sites have become more frequent than ever before—you’ve been warned.

The next time you go out on a date with someone you come across online, you could you be going out with a serial killer.  No, we’re not exaggerating.  Simply Google it and find out for yourself.  Even if they’re not a murderer in the making, they could be lying about who they are and whether they’re really single.  Many people use these sites with bad intentions.

2. It becomes too repetitive.

Online dating sites and mobile dating aps are simply to repetitive.  Swipe left, swipe right, and in between… It’s become such a routine for people that they do it from the comfort of their own couches, but is that really the way dating is supposed to be?  Is dating supposed to consist of scrolling through a sea of faces and deciding which one looks attractive enough to go on a date with?  People get so caught up in this routine and selection method that they forget how to date in the real world.  Dating through online dating sites and mobile dating apps makes people lazy, and let’s not forget about shallow.

3. Seeing the same singles over and over gets depressing.

Those who have been single in OC for a very long time will start to notice the same faces on every online dating site and mobile dating app.  One day, it all sinks in and you realize you keep seeing the same familiar faces you’ve seen before.

It has been five years since you saw Sally on Match.com or three years since you saw Mike on Tinder.  Now, let us ask you this: why do you think you keep seeing them again and again?  Because this method of dating does not work.  We think it’s time Sally and Mike try another avenue, don’t you think?

4. No one takes it seriously—you know that.

Because most people are simply going by looks and swiping to the person they find most attractive, it’s become a game to feed the ego instead of an avenue to find love in Orange County.  Think about it, how many times have you been matched with someone with whom you really connected with?  Online dating sites and mobile dating apps have become the new Instagram, not a lot of substance there.

5. Most people will not respond to you.

People spend so much time swiping and scrolling to find the most attractive match that they forget what dating is all about (talking, getting to know people, and making a connection).  It’s true, a high percentage of the people you message will never respond to you.  Perhaps they are exhausted from weeding out the losers, or perhaps they know the majority of people using online dating sites are not looking for the real deal and don’t want to waste their time corresponding.  Either way, it’s a complete waste of time.

6. There are just too many fake accounts and scammers.

From catfishing to people overseas who are looking to steal everything from your pocket, everyone knows of someone who was a victim of the dangerous sides of online dating sites.  There are countless fake profiles and hundreds of imposters and scammers who are looking to take advantage of serious singles who want to find real love.  It’s sad that something that was meant to help people connect is now used to scam and exploit genuine singles who just want to find love.

7. There is more rejection than success.

If you have ever tried online dating, then you already know how frustrating it can be.  There is definitely a lot of rejection with online dating sites.  Sure, there might be a few random fairytales here and there, but our Irvine matchmakers know it’s rare.  And if you ask us, they’re probably made up.

8. There are better, safer, and more discreet options.

The older you get, the more you realize that online dating sites and mobile dating apps will never lead to love.  If you really want to find love in Orange County, you’re going to have to step outside your comfort zone, which means logging off your online dating site account and uninstalling Tinder.

Before online dating sites, people met in a natural and organic way, but that has become a little more difficult with demanding careers, busy schedules, and other obligations.  Now, singles in OC are turning to professional matchmakers on the search for love—the tried and true approach that doesn’t disappoint.

More and more singles are getting offline and switching to a more traditional way of dating.  For nearly three decades, our professional matchmakers have helped local singles find love in Orange County.  We provide a refreshing way of dating, completely offline.  Our matchmakers will help you find love in a safe, discreet, and traditional way.

While online dating sites and mobile dating apps leave all the work to you, our Irvine matchmakers do everything for you.  We will provide you with hand-selected matches and coordinate everything for you.  We are Orange County’s #1 matchmaking service.  Our matchmaking agency has built a great reputation for providing local singles a discreet and dignified way to find love in Orange County.

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