The Top 6 Single Men in Orange County You Want to Date

You’ve been single for a while now and are ready to get back in the Orange County dating scene.  You are telling your friends that you’re ready to date again so they can pass the word around and set you up with someone great.  You have started making eye contact with men everywhere you go.  But who is the perfect guy for you now?  Finding compatible single men in Orange County can be very difficult for anyone, at any time in life.  But here at Orange County Singles, we know it’s even harder when you come out of a breakup.  Oh, yes, it’s like a brand new challenge in your romantic life.

As the top matchmaking service in Irvine, we know you want someone who is completely different from your ex—in all the right ways—but not so different that you don’t have any commonalities.  Right now, you’re properly healed and ready to find love.  You have a list of attributes you desire in a man but also want to keep an open mind.

Today is your lucky day.  There are many single men in Orange County who will be perfect for you.  We know you’re not looking for Mr. Right Now, you want Mr. Right.  Let’s get ready to discover the top single men in Orange County to seriously date.

1. Someone with an Adventurous Side

An adventure seeker isn’t just a guy who is willing to skydive or bungee jump off a bridge.  It’s someone who is ready and willing to try new things.  An adventurous man will be down for checking out a new restaurant in town that serves unusual foods or be up for trying something completely outside the box for a date.  An adventurous man is someone who will always challenge you to grow and push you forward.

As the top matchmakers in Irvine, we encourage you to date a man like this because he will change your life for the better.  Your relationship with him will never be stagnant because he’ll always want to do something new.  As an added bonus, a guy like this will never allow for boredom in your relationship.  Even if dates don’t go as planned, he’ll just go with the flow and have fun.

2. Someone Who Shares Commonalities

Want to make your next relationship last?  Then date someone who has a lot in common with you.  If the man you date likes the same genre of books and movies, the same type of music, is into working out and eating healthy, or has the same goals and aspirations for the future, it will make your relationship less stressful and more interesting.

Being with someone whose interests align with yours is not only convenient but good for you.  Why?  Want to work out?  You’ll have a gym buddy.  Want to watch a comedy movie?  He’ll watch and giggle with you.  Want to travel out of the country?  He’ll pack and go with you.  You can swap books with each other and never argue about what to watch on TV.  Why?  Because you share the same interests.

A relationship is most likely to succeed when two people share a lot in common, especially the things that matter, like career aspirations, religion, core values, ethics, and hobbies and interests.

3. An Older Man

There are many perks of dating an older man.  Number one, he’ll have a steady job.  Number two, he’ll have his own place.  Number three, he has achieved many of his goals in life.  And most importantly, he is emotionally mature.  Unlike his younger counterparts, he doesn’t get jealous or insecure over the little things.  He doesn’t care about the latest trends or social media posts.  He doesn’t freak out because you want to spend time with your gal pals or go to yoga after work.

There is something intriguing and attractive about an elder man.  He knows what he wants and knows how to get it.  Older men have a lot of experience not only in relationships but in life itself.  This wisdom gives them confidence that is irresistible to women.

4. A Businessman

There is nothing more attractive than a man who is driven in his career.  A banker, an entrepreneur, a CEO are all prestigious positions held by someone who is smart and ambitious, which is exactly the type of man you want to be with.  Sure, he might spend a lot of time at his office or workplace because he is focused on his career, but the payoff of that is endless and worth it.

Dating a man who is ambitious and driven will make for a good relationship because he’ll inspire you too.  When he wants to destress and have fun, you’ll always be there for him.  You will both act as the other’s support system in everything you do in life.

5. An Introvert

Despite the stereotype floating around, introverted men are not really shy or standoffish.  In fact, these men can be warm, funny, and attentive.  Dating an introvert can be a bonus for you, even if they’re not naturally outgoing.  Introverts can solve any problem, they’ll always lend you an ear when you need it, and will always support you through anything in life.  He might have to walk away from a fight because he’s not used to arguing, but he will listen to your concerns and come up with a solution.  Introverts are also homebodies, so that’s a bonus if you’re not a social butterfly yourself.

6. Someone You Meet Through a Professional Matchmaker

You have already swiped right many times before, but that’s only left you right back to square one—single & looking.  If you want to meet quality single men in Orange County the old fashioned way, let our professional matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service introduce you to relationship-minded men—men with all of the great characteristics we mentioned above.

Getting dates through a professional matchmaker is the new norm in California, so what are you waiting for?  If you want to meet quality men in Orange County who are compatible with you, let our expert matchmakers help.

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