Costa Mesa Matchmakers Reveal Signs You’re Desperate

On a scale from 1 to 10, how desperate do you think you are to find love?  You might think that your behaviors are normal when in reality they’re not.  If you are one of the many singles in Orange County who isn’t have any luck in dating, then you might be coming off as desperate.  Sure, you might want to spend all your time with your new love interest, but that doesn’t mean you should throw your best friends to the side.  It also doesn’t mean you need to neglect your hobbies and interests, your work life, and your family.

Feeling desperate is one thing, but showing that desperation to your date is another.  Everyone has a weak moment in life, but we must keep moving forward and avoid revealing those moments to our new love interests.

As the leading Costa Mesa matchmakers, we know that desperate daters repel men and women in the dating scene.  So how desperate are you?  Maybe you don’t know how desperate you are, but after reading this article, you’ll know where you stand.  If you are desperate to find someone, you need to work on your self-esteem.  You need to understand that if a relationship is meant to be, it will be.  If you are insecure, clingy, or desperate, you’re going to end up scaring potential candidates away, and we know that’s not what you want.  So get ready to find out the top signs that you’re coming off as too desperate to find love in Orange County.

1. You’re Constantly Complaining About Being Single

You absolutely cannot stand the fact that you’re the last single one left.  When you go out and see singles around, you not only introduce yourself but also complain about your single status.  For the next 30 minutes, instead of telling them who you are and what you’re about, you spend the whole time complaining and whining about how lonely you are, and the fact that all your friends are taken.

Constantly complaining and whining about your single status makes you come off as desperate to be in a relationship.  And what did we tell you about desperation?  It’s not going to help you find love.  So it’s time to drop the pity party of hating being single and embrace your single status so you can finally find love.

2. You’re Too Eager to Do Whatever

You call your new love interest and ask them what they’re doing.  They tell you they’re washing their clothes at a laundromat, waiting for the clothes to finish washing so they can put them in the dryer.  So what do you say?  Can I come over and spend time with you?  They are totally bewildered by this because why on earth would anyone want to spend time at the laundromat?

It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, you act like it’s the most exciting thing in the world and want to spend time with them.  If you’re doing this in your romantic life, then you’re certainly coming off as desperate.  Come on now, no one spends quality time together at the laundromat.  Seriously.  If you’re willing (and excited) to spend time doing anything and everything with them, including grocery shopping, taking Fido to the vet, and even offering to go with them to the next dentist appointment, that’s where you’re going wrong.  Now, who in the world does that?  Only someone who is totally desperate.

It’s time for you to get a life of your own and follow your hobbies and interests.  You need to show your new love interest that you have a life of your own, including family and friends and goals and aspirations.

3. You Talk About Starting a Family Right Away

You met this person a week ago and you’re already head over heels for them.  You spend all of your days daydreaming about them.  You think about the house you’ll share together and how many babies you’ll have.  Out of sheer excitement, what do you do?  Instead of keeping it to yourself, you bring it up the next time you meet up for coffee.

When the two of you are talking together about each other’s days, you suddenly blurt it all out.  You tell them that you’ve been waiting to meet someone like them for a very long time and that you’re 100% sure they’re the one you’ll start a family with.

By this time, your new love interest is probably in shock.  Their mind is racing and trying to come up with an excuse to get out of the coffee shop ASAP.  If you are talking about starting a family when you first meet someone, you’re undoubtedly coming off as desperate.

4. You Bombard Them with Text Messages

You just met this person a few days ago, and they probably regret giving you their number by now.  You texted them several times in one night and they didn’t respond, so what do you do?  You text them again the following day.

Maybe they return a few of your messages, but their responses are short and to the point.  Did they lose interest in you?  No, you were coming off as desperate.

Slow down there, Speedy Gonzalez, you’re probably scaring your new love interest away with all the text messages at once.  Take a step back and let them answer your messages.  If you don’t hear from them, they could be busy or perhaps they’re not interested.  Either way, let them answer.  And if they don’t respond, do not bug them anymore.  Take this as a lesson learned and don’t do it again in the future, because it makes you come off as highly desperate.

These are the top four signs you’re coming off as desperate.  So how many do you see in yourself?  Coming off as desperate will scare men and women away; after all, no one wants to be with a desperate partner.

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