Newport Beach Upscale Matchmakers | Signs He’s Not the One

When you meet someone special for the first time, it can take a long time to figure out where you stand with them.  Maybe you have a good time going on dates, hanging out, and talking.  But how do you know if he’s the one, or if he’s just a fling?  As the most experienced Newport Beach upscale matchmakers, we know it can be hard to figure out, especially when you really like someone.

Sometimes the romantic feelings can cloud your judgement and make you see things that aren’t really there.  Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of single women in Orange County and causes them to waste their precious time.

However, there are a few red flags you need to look for that show when a man isn’t willing to commit.  It can be hard to let him go, especially when you’re feeling butterflies in your stomach.  But if you don’t want to waste your time dating the wrong guy, here’s what you need to look for.

1. He doesn’t answer your texts.

In today’s modern world, everyone is connected to their cell phones.  Come to think of it, they’re basically an extensive of our hands.  Of course this doesn’t mean your new boyfriend has his phone available 24/7, but he should definitely text you back when he gets a chance.  You should receive good night or good morning text messages, along with messages throughout the day checking up on you.

If he doesn’t text you back or never initiates conversation via text, then you need to move on and stop wasting your time with him.  Of course you can’t expect him to text you back right away, but he should at least text you at the end of the day.  If you aren’t even getting that, then you need to delete his number.

2. He doesn’t want to commit.

So you’ve been seeing each other for a while, you hang out every weekend, and enjoy spending time together, or so that’s what it seems.  Even though things are going great, every time you mention getting exclusive, he ignores the subject or brushes it off.

Maybe he’s not ready to call you his girlfriend because he wants to get to know you better, or maybe he never had any intentions of making you his girlfriend.  It can be hard to know the difference, but you need to pay attention to the little signs.  Does he just come over to hang out all the time and work his way to the bedroom?  Or does he actually make statements about the future together?  If you want to settle down, you need to make it clear that you won’t be just a hookup.

3. There’s no connection.

Maybe you want to keep things lighthearted right now.  Hanging out and going on dates with someone can be awesome.  But what if you want to get exclusive?  Can you stay up late and have meaningful conversations with him?  Do you feel comfortable sharing your deepest secrets with him?  Do you trust him with all your heart?  As Newport Beach upscale matchmakers, we know you must have a deep emotional connection to have a successful relationship, one that goes beyond cute dates and fun times together.

If you want him to commit, you need to ask yourself if there is a connection between the two of you.  Maybe you need more time to get to know each other better, or maybe he’s not interested in getting serious.  If that’s the case, you deserve someone better, someone you have a deep connection with.

4. He doesn’t get along with your friends & family.

Introducing your new love interest to your friends and family is always a little awkward.  What if they don’t like him?  What if they think you have bad taste in men?  It is definitely scary!  If it goes well, that’s good news for you, but if it goes badly, that’s obviously bad news for you.

Your family and friends know you better than anyone else, so pay attention to what they’re telling you.  Sure, maybe your mom and dad are a little harsh or unfair, but you should still listen to what they’re telling you; after all, they might be right.  If they are saying things like he’s rude or the two of you are totally incompatible, you should take their opinions into consideration.

5. He doesn’t care about your hobbies.

Sometimes women end up dating someone who is completely different than them.  It’s okay to have different hobbies and interests as long as you share the same core values.  But what if he dislikes all your interests and hobbies?  Even if you’re both into different things, your boyfriend should support and encourage you to pursue your hobbies and passions.

Maybe he doesn’t enjoy running like you do, but he should have no problem with you go running bright and early every morning.  Even if he doesn’t understand it, he should still encourage you and cheer you on.  If something is important to you, it needs to be important to him.

6. He puts you down all the time.

A lot of women have a hard time finding self-confidence, especially here in Orange County where every woman looks like a supermodel.  There are many unrealistic expectations to live up to, but the man you date should never put you down.  He should make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, not destroy your self-confidence.

If he makes disrespectful comments about your body, suggests that you don’t measure up to someone, or wants you to change your appearance, then you need to rethink this relationship.  The right guy will never make rude comments that hurt your self-esteem or make you feel bad about yourself.

If you’re dating a man and wondering whether or not he’s the one, you should use the guide above to help you figure out where you stand.  You don’t deserve to waste your time, energy, and emotions on the wrong guy.

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