7 Things Single Women in Orange County Do to Turn Men Off

Most single women in Orange County have been through many experiences in the dating world;
some good, some bad.  You’ve probably dated a few men and thought things were going great—until they disappeared on you out of nowhere.  They took a long time to text you back and rarely wanted to hang out.  Suddenly you knew they were pulling away from you.  If this happened once or twice, no big deal.  But if this is a repetitive thing, then you might have a problem at hand.

As the leading matchmaking service in Orange County, we know it’s possible to make dating mistakes without even realizing it.  If you are one of the many single women in Orange County who is beautiful and successful but doesn’t have luck in dating, then you might be doing something that is turning men off.

Today, our expert matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service are going to show you how many single women in Orange County turn guys off and make them lose interest.  If you’re guilty of any of these undesirable dating habits, it’s time to make a change.

1. Talking Too Much

It doesn’t matter how smart and interesting you are, if you control the conversation all the time, you’re going to turn men off.  No one wants to be in the company of a woman who dominates the entire conversation.  If you don’t give him a chance to speak, how do you plan on getting to know him?  You might think that you’re being friendly and chatty, but you’re coming off as overbearing and self-absorbed.

If you interrupt him mid-sentence or don’t give him a chance to speak, he’s going to lose interest quickly.  Even if you are very funny, do not dominate the entire conversation.  Instead, our Orange County matchmakers encourage you to ask him questions and get him opening up.

2. Being Too Boring

Everyone has different interests, so you will not get along with everyone you meet.  If you don’t have much to say on dates or you don’t respond appropriately, men are going to think you’re boring.  No one wants to go out with a boring woman, so make sure you show him how interesting and well-rounded you are when you’re out.

Yes, we know how hard it can be to create a connection with someone you don’t know, but try to keep the conversation fun and interesting.  The best way to avoid coming off as boring is to have an interesting life and opening up and letting your dates into your wonderful life.

3. Acting Like a Victim

Everyone in the OC dating scene has been through a bad relationship.  Maybe you’ve been lied to, cheated on, or blindsided by a breakup, but don’t play the victim card on your dates.

You might think it’s going to help you win him over, but it’s actually a huge turn off for men.  One of the biggest mistakes single women in Orange County make in dating is always playing the “poor me” card.  Remember that the guy across from you isn’t looking to come rescue you.  On the contrary, he wants to know that you’re a strong and independent woman.

4. Not Knowing How to Apologize

If you did something to make him angry, make sure you own up to your mistakes and say you’re sorry.  Many women struggle to apologize because they have a huge ego, but our matchmakers know this can backfire on you and cause you to lose a great man.  Maybe you put down his outfit in a lighthearted way, and when you realized you offended him, you made fun him again.  You were not doing it on purpose, but you definitely offended him, even if it was all in good fun.

If you want to be successful with men, make sure you know how to apologize for your wrongdoings.  Men have feelings, just like you.

5. Being Insecure

No man on planet Earth wants to spend time with a woman who is insecure or jealous.  If he is looking to start a serious relationship, the last thing he wants is for you to be insecure.  If he hasn’t done anything to deserve it, then why do you feel jealous and insecure?  It can be draining to date a woman who has bouts of insecurity.

No man wants to spend his entire day reassuring and comforting you, or explaining himself all the time.  Remember that it’s your job to love yourself, so make sure you’re doing a good job.  If you’re jealous and insecure, you need to work on your self-esteem before you can pursue a serious relationship.

6. Being Too into Him

You might be really into him and think he’s charming, funny, witty, handsome, and everything you ever dreamed of in a guy.  You are not sure how you managed to land such a perfect catch.  But before you know it, he’s no longer into you.  As professional matchmakers, we’re here to tell you that some men pull away when a woman comes on too strong.

Remember that men are preprogrammed to chase a woman, not to be the catch.  They are not interested in being chased after, so make sure you let him do the chasing.  If you are constantly all over him and pushing to spend every second with him, he’s going to get scared and pull away.  You might want to make it official after the third date, but that’s not something he wants just yet.  If you come on too strong, he will lose interest in you.

7. Trying to Change Him

When you first start dating a man, you only see all his good qualities.  But after a while, once those rose-tinted glasses come off, you realize he wasn’t as perfect as you thought he was in the beginning.  It is during this time that you’ll want to change him, even if it’s just little things.  You must avoid this urge, because it’s a huge turn off for men.

No man wants to be with a woman who wants to change him.  If you keep trying to change him, he will feel worthless and unwanted.  You need to accept him, flaws and all.  And if you can’t, he’s not the one for you.

Our matchmakers love helping single women in Orange County become wiser daters.  We hope this insightful article has helped you become a savvier dater in the Orange County dating scene.  If you’re a busy professional woman with little time to look for dates on your own, or you just can’t seem to meet the right guys, it’s time to outsource your love life to the best matchmakers in Orange County.  Join us by filling out the private form on our homepage and reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation today!